Pronghorn antelope brother

Pronghorn antelope brother

On the night of Tuesday, August 28th, I was returning once again to a place that I have come to know and love so dearly: Moab, UT.  It was dark and the road was cutting across an open range.  As I crested one of the small hills, my headlights illuminated two antelope on the side of the road.  One froze where it was, the other, startled, ran into the road.  I swerved.  Braked.  But I could not avoid him.

I hit him hard and his body skid across the road and into the brush on the other side, his companion running off a ways but pausing to look back as I quickly pulled over and jumped out of the van.  I went to him, praying for him to somehow be unharmed, or be dead.

Neither was in the cards that night.

His back was clearly broken as he was unable to move from the mid-back, down, but was unsuccessful trying to get up with only his front half, breathing erratically.  I knelt beside him, about 7 feet away as he was frightened, and I prayed for a miracle or a swift death.  I had never wished for a gun before this moment.

I sang to him, which soothed him a bit, his breath slowing and getting regular, but not growing faint.

I spoke with him.  Not through words, but through hearts.

I am so sorry

I love you

Please forgive

I thank you


I left him after about an hour, to die under the stars in the grasses by which he lived.  My heart hurt; the pain showed me my love, and love reveals the truth that the non-human members of this animal kingdom are our brothers and sisters, sentient and conscious of their own right, engaging with each other and all life in unique and essential ways.  They are not creatures below us or for us.  All life is sacred and has equal right to live here and be free.

As I left, the antelope told me “Death is part of life, too.”

Death is life

Life is death

Depending on where you are standing.

My excitement to arrive in Moab was obviously deflated, but my spirits were soon elevated when I arrived and was welcomed with human hugs and dog kisses from two truly incredible tribespeople and friends, Steve and Joanie, and their two loyal desert dogs.  These two people have opened their nest to me and to many others in the tribe on countless occasions, and have created a true Tribe of Dreams desert outpost where I am always welcome and where I come to rest and reconnect amidst the red rock.

Joanie, me, Steve!

Joanie, me, Steve!

I spent the following 3 days in Moab and its surrounding wonders.  In the late mornings, Steve and I would take the dogs out into some of his favorite spots that he has discovered over his years there being a son of the desert.  We hiked and collected river stones and sat and looked out upon unspeakable beauty.  We listened to the quiet of the desert and to each other’s stories and thoughts.

photo 2 (10)Moab is a special place, and one of the reasons for it is that while it is in the desert, there is water.  Water in the creeks and rivers and springs.  So knowing I am a “water baby,” as Steve put it, he told me he wanted to show me something and brought me to a waterfall up a canyon.  As I stood on the edge of the pool at the bottom of the fall I literally tried to keep myself out of the water, knowing there was more of the hike to walk, but I simply could not resist.  So Steve continued on for a few minutes as I stripped down and waded in.  I stood right in the middle of her very strong, very cold waters as they pounded down onto me, the sound of a percussion symphony blaring from the inside of my body, my breath catching at the shock of the temperature.  I could feel my system coming alive and as I left the fall, I experienced what ‘exuberance’ is.  What “vitality” is.  True raging LIFE.

Tribesman Steve on the guit!

Tribesman Steve on the guit!

Night time at Steve and Joanie’s means praying together over and sharing nourishing meals, which always ends with Steve and I getting our guitars and starting our reunion jam sessions while Joanie happily cheers us on, placing her special requests, and when we are lucky, joining in on the singing.  These moments are true happiness.

The other gift of my trip to Moab was reuniting with my cousin Brian for the first time since last summer.  For the first 6 months of 2014, Brian was my road dog, traveling with me from San Francisco through Southern California, Utah, and Colorado before parting ways in June.  He is currently living in Moab and our reunion was long overdue.  When he asked where I wanted to hike, my only request was for more water.  With that in mind, he directed us to Left Hand Canyon, up which we walked, switching back and forth across Mill Creek until we reached an amazing swimming hole with another waterfall rushing into it.  The small red rock cliffs around the swimming hole probably range from 15-25 feet, and Brian suggested that we jump from one of them, assuring me that people jump here all the time.

Watering hole we jumped into!

Watering hole we jumped into!

For the past 3 years, since I first saw someone jump from a cliff into a body of water (at a river in Texas) and I was too afraid to do the same, I have been fostering a desire to conquer this fear, knowing what the jump symbolizes by way of literally jumping into the unknown or the uncomfortable or that which scares me.  Even though he only suggested the lowest of the cliffs, I still met his suggestion with my usual resistance.

“I’ll jump first,” he said, trying to bait me.  And while I informed him that his jump would guarantee nothing from me, he jumped, but not without a few nerves himself, even though he has jumped there many times before.  From the pool below he yelled encouragement to me as I stood on the rock motionless, laughing at my paralysis.

“Come on man, you’ll be so glad you did!”

I knew he was right, but my body couldn’t seem to free itself from my mind’s fear grip.  After 4 or 5 minutes of this, I took a deep breath into the fear and prayed for the water to hold me.  In an instant, I decided I was doing it, my body was freed, and I jumped!

Brian was right, I didn’t regret it.  It was exhilarating and inspiring and enlivening, and yet when I looked UP at the “cliff” from the pool below, it sure looked a lot lower than it seemed when I was standing up top!

Brian leading our hike

Brian leading our hike

Brian and I road-dawgin' last summer

Brian and I road-dawgin’ last summer

Well, thanks to the best desert hosts a man could ask for, a trip to Moab is never complete until I’ve been out in the canyons playing music by a fire under the stars, so that is just what Steve and I did for my last night in town.  He brought me up to a shallow cave with an enormous mouth where we built a small fire and sat there looking out at this beautiful earth as the almost-full moon rose into the sky.  I had one of those eternal moments there, where everything just IS and that is enough.  I have been experiencing these moments not infrequently in this past month or so while receiving such deep and potent earth medicine so abundantly.  As I sat with the ocean in California and with the desert in Utah, I have been sure to really tune in as deeply as I could and pay attention to what it feels like.  What does my body and mind and heart feel like when I am in the vibration of a more wild and free landscape of nature rather than a more urban setting?  There is a clearer, more pure vibration of harmony in these spaces I find, and it makes it much easier to accept the ever-present invitation to come into that vibration ourselves.  A deep resonance of peace and presence.  I have been taking care to really pay attention because I am keenly aware that I am heading back to New York City, which while rich in many other aspects, is very much lacking in the realms of wild natural landscapes.   So when I am experiencing these places with such natural beauty, I have heard my inner guide tell me, “Remember this.  Remember what this feels like.  Remember so that you can cultivate it within your own body.”  Because the true reality is that it doesn’t matter where we are.  Whether we are sitting in a canyon or walking down a street crowded with people and buildings, these vibrations of peace and presence and harmony and beauty are available to us at all times, it is a matter of us learning how to find our way back to it.  And this is what I am seeing is a big part of my current universe university curriculum, bringing me back to NYC in order to teach me the next level of self-care, wellness, and focus, regardless of external energies.

Left Hand Canyon

Left Hand Canyon



The morning of Friday the 28th, after Steve and Joanie took me out for a wonderful breakfast, we said (and hugged) our goodbyes, knowing it’s never too long before I’m passing through their desert tribe spot again.  As I left, I stopped at

Matrimony Springs

Matrimony Springs

Matrimony Springs, which is always my very first and very last stop in town.  Drinking fresh spring water right from the earth upon which you are standing is one of the most amazing ways to heal our bodies and raise our vitality.  The waters that bubble up from deep below have been there since before we started polluting the surface of the earth.  They are not only the cleanest, but also the healthiest, containing great minerals as well as priceless vibratory information for the cells that make up our bodies.  So much of our water as a culture now comes from machines or pipes or filters, depleting the vibratory medicine of the water and lowering its ability to really heal us beyond basic hydration.  So much of it also has been fluoridated, which while strengthening our teeth, is also a classified neurotoxin with capabilities of contributing to the calcification of the pineal gland, deadening our sensory perception of the unseen aspects of reality and the threads that connect us to all of it.  My brother Ian was the first to really turn me on to this concept of ‘wild water’, but it makes perfect sense.  If fresh, local, and wild are all important factors in our food, why wouldn’t it be in our waters?  He lives in San Diego and drives two hours once or twice a month up to Palomar Mountain to fill up countless jugs and bottles of the water with the intention of only drinking and cooking with spring water whenever possible.  I see that in addition to the vibratory effect on our physical being, connecting with local wild water also cultivates a real reverence for this substance which is source and inspires us to become protectors of her in times of ever-increasing threats to her purity.  Ian was the first to introduce me to, a place to find your closest fresh spring water wherever you are on the globe.  I encourage each of you to check it out and find your closest access point to the freshest, best water on the planet and cultivate a deeper relationship with your body, the water, and the planet from which it springs.  And in order to do just this for my own self, I will be using this site to find and stop at as many springs as I can between Moab and New York, thanking the waters, renewing my service to being a voice for them, and receiving their most potent of medicines.

The legend of Matrimony Springs is that once you drink from it, you always return to Moab.  I keep coming back, and I keep drinking.  Until next time, Moab 🙂

Blessings to all beings everywhere!


Along with being a musician, Steve is an artist and craftsman, creating really beautiful pieces that speak to and connect to Spirit.  Below is a photo of some of his work.  Please click the photo to visit his Etsy shop, LeathersAndFeatherz!



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SW Utah: Family, Liberation, 3D Printing, Desert Gardens, Music, Goddess Isis & More!

I left Southwestern Utah yesterday after 3 days and nights full of love, beauty, and re-connection, and I am feeling grateful and inspired.

Bonnie & Carlyle, followers and warriors of LOVE

Bonnie & Carlyle, heart followers & warriors of LOVE

I got to St. George, UT on Saturday evening where I was hosted by two stellar tribesfolk, Bonnie and Carlyle.  I met these two beautiful humans through two of their 5 children, Katy and Nickolas, who I worked with when I lived in New York.  They are a big family with a deeply moving story.  I will one day have them tell their story themselves in detail, but the cliff notes version is that Bonnie and Carlyle were both raised in the Mormon church and did their best to be very devoted to their faith and community.  When their eldest son came out of the closet, everything changed for them.  After very brief initial response of wanting to fix him, reflecting their long-held church programming, it was quickly revealed to them that this was not only be fruitless, but also very wrong.  Their love of their child, their empathy with his struggle, their trust in him and in their hearts, quickly turned them from trying to change him to learning to cherish him in an even deeper way than they had before, going against a lifetime of conditioning telling them to do the opposite and going with LOVE.  Being a Mormon is not just something you practice once a week but rather is a complete way of life and complete community, and so the family tried to stay in the church AND reconcile their love and acceptance of their gay son.  This could only last so long… 3 years to be precise.  For those 3 years, they struggled to stay within the community in which they had been so completely a part of, and they struggled to maintain strong relationships with those they had considered close friends and family while doing so.  When California was going through the Prop 8 political battle on whether or not gay marriage was constitutional, the Mormon church inserted itself into the battle, picking up against gay marriage and instructing its members to do the same.  This was the tipping point for Bonnie and Carlyle.  As a father with fierce love for his son, he went to the elders and appealed them to reconsider what they were doing and embrace that it was time for change.  They told him, “You must choose between the prophet and your son.”

“Thank you.  You just made this very easy.”

Bonnie, Carlyle, and their 5 children ended their relationship with the Mormon church.

That was about 7 years ago, and when you hear them tell this story, it moves you to tears, expands your heart, and inspires you to be more courageous in living your purpose.  They talk of love being the ultimate truth and message from the Divine.  They talk of family being the strongest expression of love.  They talk of their liberation from the conditioning they had imposed upon them from childhood, and of what it has been like to explore the world for themselves, and develop their own perspectives and opinions, and to do so allowing their hearts to guide them.  It was not a road without pain or challenge, as in many ways it was a walking away from mostly everything and everyone they knew, but they are shining examples of what happens when we step outside of our comfort zone, outside of the life that has been prepared for us: we find truth, we find deeper love than we could have imagined, we find God, we find ourselves.

So I spent two days with them, talking about vibrational healing, consciousness, spiritually, civilization, wellness, music, art, plant medicine, and family.  Their friend Daniel, who I have come to know as a friend of mine as well, came over for dinner one night and the depths of these conversations went further.  Daniel was raised Mormon too, but at a very young age found himself in total non-resonance with their teachings, and as he discovered his own ‘condemned’ sexuality, he forged a new life for himself in which he could know peace in his heart and with who he is.  This led him to build the World Peace Gardens, whose mission statement reads:

“World Peace Gardens is about creating new levels of community and peace throughout the world.  This is accomplished through the creation of artistically designed gathering places that represent a new vision for humanity. These sites bring people together through gatherings and events which celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and the oneness of all things.”

They gather every Sunday in St. George, UT with different performers and speakers on a very diverse range of subjects and ideas, all somehow woven together with the intention of peace and unity on earth.  This community became a very important space for Bonnie & Carlyle as they transitioned out of the Mormon church, and they connected me with Daniel and the WPG on my first year on the road.

Click here to learn more: World Peace Gardens

Garden goddess Charlotte giving Source/Water to the land

Garden goddess Charlotte giving Source/Water to the land

I left St. George on Monday and headed to see Charlotte and John in La Verkin, UT, two tribesfolk that have made previous cameos on the Tribe blogs, often sharing with us their ever-expanding garden teeming with life out here in the desert.  (see Charlotte give a tour of her garden last June: A Garden Grows in the Desert  )  This year was no different.  The garden has not surprisingly expanded and is starting to border on mini-farm status with the addition of a fish pond and chicken coop, home to 14 chickens!  There is also a 10 foot sunflower that chose to take over the bean teepee and now stands guard over the whole place.  John and Charlotte have helped create such a magical little spot in the middle of their town that provides not only me and their other friends with an abundant place to stop, rest, and be nourished, but also an oasis that intrigues, inspires and uplifts their neighbors and passerbys every day.

Garden goddess Charlotte giving Source/Water to the land

The chicken tribe!

Fish pond!

Fish pond!

Sign in the chicken coop

Sign in the chicken coop

Sunflower Guardian

Sunflower Guardian

John's 3D printer, printing peace

John’s 3D printer, printing peace

Their friend Amber joined us that evening with her two daugthers, Sierra and Isis, as did their friend Kevin that has lived by choice off-the-grid in a tent up a canyon for the past 8 years.  Earth rich, not dirt poor.  Charlotte cooked dinner while John was running the 3D printer he built himself, creating peace sign pendants for each of the guests with completely recycled material.  This technology is getting more and more efficient, more and more accessible, and is not-so-slowly changing our whole economy, putting production in the hands of the people, contributing to our transformation away from such consumers and back into creators.  This is John’s passion, as he is a board member on a group in St. George working to create a Makerspace, which is exactly what it sounds like: a communal space that is accessible and equipped for people to come in and make their own goods, products, and crafts.  (Maker Space)


Music is medicine

After dinner, we gathered in the living room and 5-year old Isis asked me if I would sing her a song.  Well, it doesn’t take much, and our evening soon turned into a serenade/jam session, John busting out his percussion skills on the empty water-jug cajon.  Charlotte sang along while Isis went from listening quietly to dancing and channeling her inner Egyptian goddess with poses and even shadow-art of the winged goddess herself.  Before Amber and her girls left for the evening, Isis even got on the guitar herself, strumming and plucking the strings and humming gently over them about a princess in the desert.

The Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis


All of these moments, these experiences, are pearls and priceless gems on this necklace of the Tribe of Dreams.  These moments show me more and  more about hospitality and generosity and how we each can be enlivened and excited by coming together in community in whatever ways we can.  These moments inspire me to make new music with higher and higher resonance and vibration, and continue to teach me how to use music in deeper and more diverse ways.  And these moments refresh my dreams and open my heart, reflecting back to me just how much beauty and love there is right here, right now, and we only have to say yes and thank you to experience them, and to perpetuate them.

***To learn more about my journey across the country, and to help me complete it in exchange for digital and/or CD copies of my debut studio album, “First Day,” as well as personally dedicated youtube videos with covers of songs of your choosing, please click here:

Blessings to all beings everywhere!  Be good to yourselves and each other.


Transmission from the Road: desert, music, abundance & EXCITEMENT

As I crossed the country in February, driving from Massachusetts to California, I proclaimed, “This is my last time driving across this continent for A WHILE!”  I declared with certainty that the van was going to stay on the west coast for at least a year, if not longer, and if I needed to go east I would fly.

Well, once again I am reminded that we make plans and God laughs.  We know so little.

My big sis and I :)

My big sis and I 🙂

After one last swim in the sacred waters of the Pacific, I left my sister’s place in Cardiff, CA on Thursday evening with my sails set towards New York, of course with a zig-zagging route through as many tribe outposts as possible while still honoring my 3-week time frame and my financial availability.  My first stop was in Anaheim, CA to visit my cousin, best bud, partner in adventure/crime, and my very first road dawg, Skye Bone, where we played music and shared and laughed late into the night.

SkyeBone, me, and my beard, Colorado, Summer 2012

SkyeBone, me, and my crazy beard, Colorado, Summer 2012

Skye & I doing what we do best, San Diego, 2013

Skye & I doing what we do best, San Diego, 2013

Yesterday (Friday), on my way to my next stop, (Los Angeles, to visit starseed and fellow music weaver Ahmond), I stopped at a cafe to finish the final details of my debut album, “First Day.”  And I finally did just that!  This album contains a mix of music I wrote during many different periods over the past 4 years and was recorded at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA back in January.  So after 7 months of tweaking, refining, dragging my feet a bit, and carrying out the required steps beyond just the music to really complete the project and share it with the world, it is done!!!  “First Day” by Natavi is available NOW! Give it a listen, get your copy,and share it here!

What a whirlwind of excitement and abundance I am experiencing right now, for which I am deeply moved and grateful.  As I left LA late last night, driving to the Mojave Desert where I camped for the night, I was listening to some youtube videos of Bashar, the multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future (how’s that for weird for you?!?).  The thing he shared that made my whole body buzz and my heart jump and my mouth smile was that “excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true, core natural being. Follow your excitement!”  He went on to explain that this is the best guidance for life, to follow our excitement, not because it feels good or is fun, but because the feeling of excitement is actually the feeling of our truest essence, it is the vibration of our highest self, and when we follow that, we are most able to fulfill the highest purpose of our life, which is to be our self to the best of our ability and live each moment as fully as possible.

Cheers to that!  I am thrilled about this new chapter opening before me, thrilled about this ‘first day’ i am experiencing… I am ready, grateful, and I say YES.  And we are all invited to do the same!

Starting this day in presence, gratitude, & EXCITEMENT with yoga and meditation in the only shady spot I could find in the Mojave!

Starting this day in presence, gratitude, & EXCITEMENT with yoga and meditation in the only shady spot I could find in the Mojave!


Molecular structure of water

Molecular structure of water


The essence of all life

The mother of us all

The most sacred elixir in all the universe

Without water

Earth is not earth

Not the living breathing library of biodiversity she is

But is instead a dry rock spinning around a fireball in endless space.

Water changes everything.

Water allows everything.

Water is life.

The only reason we are allowed to live on land in the first place is because our bodies have found a way to carry the ocean within us everywhere we go.

The salinity of the blood in our veins matches the salinity of the water in the oceans.

We are all vessels for water.

Each and every one of us

human and non-human alike

What a gift to be a vessel of the most sacred, powerful substance in the universe!

And yet, we have for too long forgotten this undeniable truth.

We have allowed our waters to be poisoned.

And while it is always easier to point the finger of blame away from us

we are each responsible.

We have been poisoning the waters.

Each of us.

And we continue to do so

through the choices we make on what we purchase

how we live

who we allow to lead us

what we ignore

and who we allow to control the resources that are the planet’s and hers alone

resources she has shared with us with such love and generosity

but not GIVEN to us.

It is not just a matter of condemning the corporations that do the dirty work

it is a matter of looking in the mirror

and finding the ways we have used our precious life force to fuel and feed and support said corporations.

They are a reflection

and extension

of us.

And while it is utterly humbling to know this truth of our responsibility

this truth also holds the empowerment required for change

because if it is US

then it is US that can



heal it.


Why have we forsaken and desecrated our most holy of treasures?

Is it because we are bad, flawed, evil creatures?

No, we are glorious expressions of divinity in our essence.

It is because in our humaness, we forgot one of the fundamental truths of existence:

all is connected.

Every single piece of Existence on the grandest scale imaginable is connected to every other single piece.

John Muir, the famous naturalist, environmental philosopher, and advocate of the planet, wrote, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Another great man, Thomas Berry, a remarkable Catholic priest that understood the truth of the ultimate sacredness of Earth and all life upon her, said that “the universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.”

When we truly remember thisdscn6297

not intellectually

but when we remember it with our hearts

and with the cells of our being

when we feel it

we can allow that remembering to transform us

making it impossible for us to continue the poisoning of the waters

or the soils

or the air

for we will know that as we do so

we poison our blood

our flesh

our breath

our mothers

our fathers

our sisters

our brothers

and our children.

So how do we say yes to doing our part?

First we wake up.  We step into the truth of what is happening on this planet beyond silly made-up borders and boundaries and superficial classifications and see that we are all creatures utterly dependent upon this remarkable organism we call “Earth,” and we acknowledge that it is our species’ behaviors and perspectives that are the the most destructive and dangerous to this organism’s ability to continue to foster and nourish life.  And we acknowledge our own individual participation in this danger and destruction.

But we do not stop there.

We don’t wake up to that and then shirk back in sorrow, shame, fear, or horror.


Now is the time to unite.

Next we gather.  We find or form communities that are also invested in the process of waking themselves up, and to doing so as a service to the greater good.  Alone we can do so little, but together, united, we are an unstoppable force.

So what do we DO?  What ACTION do we take, beyond our words and ideas?

Intellectual and educational action means we take our unified communities and we inform ourselves and each other.  Where does our water come from?  How does it get to us?  How much water is there?  Who else has access to these water sources?  How is it being used?  How clean is the water?  Who tests it?  Are there any dangers to its purity?  What are they?  Who makes decisions about the water?  In order to know where and how to put our energies in protecting and healing the waters, the answers to these questions must be sought.

Er. Emoto's water crystal images

Er. Emoto’s water crystal images, click image to visit his website and learn more about his revolutionary work

Spiritual action means we pray with and for the waters.  We sing to them.  We speak about Water as if it is God, because it is.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese water revolutionary, spent his life researching water and found that we can change and heal the crystalline structures in water through the intentions, words, sounds, images, and energies we expose it to.  Never underestimate the power of love, prayer, and song.  Keep a pitcher of water in your home, on your table or on an altar, and pray to it every day.  Drink this water, and do so with reverence.  Share this water.  We first change and heal our own relationship with water, in our own hearts and our own homes, before we can take that transformed energy and bring it into the outer world.

ny_against_fracking_0Political action means we take the information we gathered, we take the reverence and illumination we have fostered through our relationship with water, and we insert ourselves into the active engagement with all water decisions.  We get to know who in our

Youth leader from the Lummi tribe, Justin Finkbonner, speaking to Native canoe families and Kayactivists gathered at the base of the Royal Dutch Shell oil rig, Polar Pioneer, at Seattle’s Terminal 5 on Saturday, May 16, protesting the approval for Shell to drill oil in the Arctic. Read more at

Youth leader from the Lummi tribe, Justin Finkbonner, speaking to Native canoe families and Kayactivists gathered at the base of the Royal Dutch Shell oil rig, Polar Pioneer, at Seattle’s Terminal 5 on Saturday, May 16, protesting the approval for Shell to drill oil in the Arctic.

political system is working to protect the water and we work with them.  We get to know who in our political system is working to protect economic ties that poison water and we expose them, oppose them, and get them out of office.  We create forums and opportunities to make our voices heard and our vision visible.  We push legislation through the system that reflects our awakened understanding of the sacredness of water.  And we refuse to give up when the system seems to broken to do so.  The states of New York and Maryland both banned fracking this year, a result of citizens gathering, protesting, rallying, flooding their politicians’ offices, mailboxes, and phone lines.  They simply refused to take no for an answer.  Cities and smaller municipalities, like Boulder, CO, are doing the same.  Pressure to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run across the Ogallala Aquifer, have continued to keep the project from being passed.  The Earth Guardians, a council of youth activists and artists, not only use music to spread the message of a sustainable path forward, but also just sued the Obama administration for violating their constitutional rights by contributing to climate change through the promotion of fossil fuels.  Native tribes all across the country are fighting for water rights as we speak, and are working to educate people on what many of them never forgot: water is blood.

There is a finite amount of water on this planet.

All Earth's water, liquid fresh water, and water in lakes and rivers Spheres showing: (1) All water (sphere over western U.S., 860 miles in diameter) (2) Fresh liquid water in the ground, lakes, swamps, and rivers (sphere over Kentucky, 169.5 miles in diameter), and (3) Fresh-water lakes and rivers (sphere over Georgia, 34.9 miles in diameter). Credit: Howard Perlman, USGS; globe illustration by Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (©); Adam Nieman. CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT

All Earth’s water, liquid fresh water, and water in lakes and rivers
Spheres showing:
(1) All water (sphere over western U.S., 860 miles in diameter)
(2) Fresh liquid water in the ground, lakes, swamps, and rivers (sphere over Kentucky, 169.5 miles in diameter), and
(3) Fresh-water lakes and rivers (sphere over Georgia, 34.9 miles in diameter).
Credit: Howard Perlman, USGS; globe illustration by Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (©); Adam Nieman. CLICK IMAGE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EARTH’S WATER!

The same amount of water that was here when our species began is still here today.

No more.

No less.

For millions and millions of years, this planet has continually cleaned and renewed the waters here, and all creatures upon the earth shared it.

We do not get to go to the intergalactic Costco and pick up another planet, or another couple of oceans.

This is it.

This is what we get.

This is what all those beings that will follow us here all the way down our bloodlines will get.

We are sharing these waters with them, beyond time.

How will we be remembered?

May we live as warriors for the water

so our descendants not only get to live

but do so thanking us

cherishing us

uplifting us

instead of cursing and condemning us.

We all began with water, and now, it is the water that will bring us all back together in the end.  She is the defining force of our time, the common denominator between us all.  Water is forcing us to wake up, whether we want to or not, and is requiring us to change, or die.

And we choose change.

We choose evolve.

We choose water.


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Day 4 of Cleanse: No More Watermelon!!!

The past three days have been quite interesting.  Monday morning, the watermelon monodiet commenced, eating nothing but watermelon through Wednesday.  Monday also held my very first enema.  (For those that haven’t read the post detailing the impetus for this cleanse, as well as the benefits, click here: Restoring the Original Temple: The Body)

So here’s my breakdown of how it went/is going….

My last watermelon, which seemed impossible to finish

My last watermelon, which seemed impossible to finish

I am 100% sick of watermelon.  It didn’t really happen until around 5pm last night when I was sitting on the couch with a spoon in one hand and a half of a watermelon in my other hand, with it looking all beautiful like a perfect natural bowl of food, and I could barely bring myself to eat it.  I think it took me about 45 minutes to get it down.

Yesterday was the toughest day.  It wasn’t really even about food, either.  Throughout the whole three days, very interesting awareness arose about my attachments to food, which is totally expected.  I was never hungry because I could eat as much watermelon as I wanted, so it wasn’t an issue of physical hunger.  But my mind was hungry.  So many cravings and longings for so many different types of food really showed me how much I love to eat, how much excitement I get from it, and how much time I spend thinking about it, preparing for it, and doing it.  But that was all stuff I was expecting and prepared for, and have at least looked at quite a bit in these past years.  What made yesterday more difficult was the emotions that started to flare up which food usually keeps pretty subdued.  All these reflections on my relationship with work and money and action came up. All these feelings of overwhelm and procrastination and self-sabotage.  Fear of success and patterns of getting in my own way.  Invitations to explore all of this and ask myself some tough questions, and sit in the resulting discomfort without being able to go and soothe myself with food.

And although I was pretty slow and grumpy yesterday, I did know, underneath all that, that this was all part of why we do cleanses in the first place, in conjunction with vitality of the physical organism.  To see more clearly what is under the surface energetically (which is directly related to physical vitality).  To get a better understanding of what we are working with, physically, as well as mentally and emotionally, so that we can go forward with more clarity and understanding in order to support our evolution and wellness.  It is an invitation for us to deepen our patience and compassion for ourselves, and allow ourselves to process things however we happen to do so.

So there’s the skinny on the food aspect of the cleanse, and as promised for those of you interested, I will now offer some brief and somewhat undetailed reflection on the whole enema thing, which has been met with a surprising amount of both intrigue as well as mock outrage from many in our tribe 🙂  First let me say that it is amazing how disgusted/afraid/embarassed we are culturally to all things anus and poop considering we all have anuses and we all poop, and do so pretty often.  The response from many people in even a vague mention of enemas was total “grossed out”-ness and “i don’t wanna know”-ness.  Which I really do understand, because when it was suggested to me for this cleanse, I had the same response.  But I

Enema bag filled with organic coffee and spring water, ready for application

Enema bag filled with organic coffee and spring water, ready for application

have to say, not only was it way easier, not to mention cleaner, than I anticipated, I actually am now sold on their usefulness as a tool for our wellness.  Opponents of enemas often cite the body’s ability to cleanse itself, including the colon and digestive tract.  If we were living 3,000 years ago, or even 300 years ago, I would be more prone to agree with that.  But the way we eat these days, the way we ate as children, and the food available to us is very different than in our collective past, as evidenced to how sick we are in general as a people.  Our bodies’ ability to absorb the proper amount of nutrients and release that which we do not need has been greatly compromised, and enemas, both with salt water, which I used the first day, and coffee, which I used the next two days, are affordable, easy, and accessible ways to assist this process.  Our colon absorbs a lot of the fluid and nutrients from what the rest of our digestive system has passed through, and if the walls are stuck with old matter, the entire immune system is affected.  I won’t go into any more detail about my own experience, but I will say that I felt and feel great after this enema experience, and I will undoubtedly be including this in future wellness plans I practice.


For those interested in this tool, here is some links with helpful instructions and more information on the benefits:

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Banana, strawberry, and fig mandala

Banana, strawberry, and fig mandala

This morning upon waking, I was so very excited to be eating something other than watermelon, although it is important to remember that Day 4 and 5 of the cleanse, even after ending the monodiet, are still quite limited in what is encouraged to eat.  It is not good for the body to do a cleanse or detox and then just resume old diet patterns immediately.  The body requests gentleness and patience and a slow re-introduction of different kinds of food to allow the system to slowly begin again.  I had been craving rice or some kind of grain for three days, and so while excited to have something else on my palate, I still was wishing a bit for something more substantial when I sat down to eat this beautiful fruit plate of bananas, figs and strawberries.  But prayer before meal really does change the vibration, not only of the food, but of the body about to receive it.  It calms the mind and opens the body and heart to receive with present gratitude.  And as I ate, I felt just that: a deeper presence and appreciation than I have felt with my eating recently.  The different textures and the depth of the taste of the fresh, organic fruit was surprising and inspiring, and I was a happy man after the meal.

I have still been feeling pretty deep in the midst of my emotional processing today, although less grumpy than yesterday, as well as a bit slow and weak in my body, a natural result of such a cleanse and a good reminder of how important it is to only do something like this when one has the time to be still and the safe space to experience all that can come up.  To be trying to go to work or exercise a great deal or be very social while detoxing is a bit energetically dangerous and sets us up for emotional breaks and failure to adhere to the parameters of the cleanse.  So between breakfast and lunch, I didn’t do much.  Got some good floor-laying in, wrote a bit, played a bit of music, but nothing very active.  And then lunch was even more glorious than breakfast.  Greens!  Greens!  I ate a great big salad of arugula, lettuce, heirloom tomato, and fresh pepper

Steamed broccoli with ginger and garlic sautéed in coconut oil, topped with sea salt!  AMAZING source of protein!

Steamed broccoli with ginger and garlic sautéed in coconut oil, topped with sea salt! AMAZING source of protein!

tossed with a homemade dressing of olive oil, salt, garlic and cilantro, as well as some steamed broccoli drizzled with sautéed garlic and ginger in coconut oil.  It was amazing, never have I ever loved a salad more than this afternoon!  Again, the flavors and textures on my palate were so vibrant and to feel my body responding and acting differently to a different type of food was also very interesting, and uncommon with the great breadth and diversity of foods we are usually combining and putting in our bodies at the same time.

For dinner tonight, more raw veggies, and I may make myself a little bowl of rice to go along with it (white because although not a nutrient or protein dense, it easier for the stomach to digest than brown).

Tomorrow is Day 5 and the last day of this cleanse.  This means raw fruits again for breakfast, maybe in smoothie form to mix it up, and raw and/or steamed veggies for lunch.  Dinner time is a good time to again start integrating gluten-free grains, like rice or millet.  Last day also means one more coffee enema, always recommended early in the morning before any food is eaten.  And after Day 5, it really is the time to reflect on what shifted and what didn’t and what came into more illumination from the experience.  As more foods and variety are integrated back into the digestive system, it is time to renew a commitment to mindful eating, which again, is always very supported by a blessing or prayer before every meal, even just a snack.  It is time to eat only as much as the body needs, and to choose foods that really support vibrant wellness and vitality.

I am leaving you all with a little video I filmed yesterday about one of my very favorite wellness tips: OIL PULLING!  It is an aryuvedic technique 1000s of years old that involves swishing coconut oil or sesame oil around your mouth for 20 minutes each morning (not just when cleansing), which not only raises vitality in the body, but also whitens your smile while it does so!

Peace, love, and wellness, tribe!


The First Temple: The Body

Aquarius Blue Moon Art from Mystic Mamma, click the following link for her full astrology reports  and more!

Aquarius Blue Moon Art from Mystic Mamma, click the following link for her full astrology reports and more!
Mystic Mamma

Friday night, the moon was full in Aquarius.

A full moon is a time of wholeness

of things coming into fruition

of graduation.

It is the time in the full lunar cycle when our bodies hold the most water within them.

As the full moon passes, the energies of release and letting go and flushing out take over.

It is a beautiful opportunity after the full moon to see what her light has illuminated in us.

What new awarenesses have arisen and where has our consciousness expanded?

What from our past or from our depths that has gone unnoticed or undealt with is calling for us to now address?

For me, this full moon shone a very bright light on the healing process I have been undergoing with my body for the past 9 months.  It was last October in which I was brought to my knees and shown all the ways I had been endangering myself by not being present in my body.  I finally saw that by turning all my attention towards the ‘realms of spirit’, for lack of better vocabulary, I had abandoned the physical reality and my vessel for navigating it: my body, the first temple.

There is a tendency in patriarchal society to revere and cherish “God” or “Spirit,” the masculine expression of the divine, while disregarding, disrespecting, and flat out desecrating the physical world, the feminine expression of the divine.  We revere “God” but destroy our Mother Earth.  This is a time of finding union between the masculine and feminine, a time of realizing that the sacred reality is made up of two equally sacred realities: spirit and matter.  And our most potent way to contribute to this unification and awakening is through our own bodies.  That is true sacred alchemy: what we heal and reveal and unify and change in our own minds, hearts, and flesh, is reflected in the larger, seemingly “outer” reality.

Two of Dr. Emoto's before and after photos of water crystals and our ability to heal them, and ourselves.  To learn more about his revelatory work, please visit

Two of Dr. Emoto’s before and after photos of water crystals and our ability to heal them, and ourselves. To learn more about his revelatory work, please visit

This is also the time on this planet of our consciousness continuing to awaken to healing of the waters.  The water on this planet is the most precious and magical elixir in all of the universe, the very thing that allows Life to BE at all, and our species is the most dangerous one to her health, and therefore to our own health.  Our waters are under siege with toxins and pollutants, and the activism that we are seeing to defend and protect the waters must be supported and rooted in the sacred alchemy we are performing in the waters of our own bodies.

That is what this time in my life is all aboutM.  All the time I spent not being present in my own body, I was remaining unaware of the pattern very common to our people that I was participating in and perpetuating: attempting to take care of others without knowing how to first take care of my self, therefore dirtying my own sacred waters with toxicity, much of which was not mine to start with.  And without cultivating a practice of how to pass, release, or transmute these negative energies, I have been carrying them on a cellular level.  And it is not only the energetic toxicity that I have exposed my organism to.  For many years, my diet was full of processed foods and an incredibly high amount of sugar, and I also spent the

Waterfall blessings in Costa Rica

Waterfall blessings in Costa Rica

better part of 4 years putting marijuana smoke into my lungs almost every day, multiple times a day.  And while these behaviors of putting so many excess pollutants into my physical body have changed greatly, the body remembers and retains.  The body carries very unaddressed wound, trauma, and toxin.  I poisoned my waters.  Sometimes knowingly, much of the time unknowingly.  But I did.  And I gave a lot of my sacred waters away, where it wasn’t cherished and respected.  I am grateful to be ceasing these behaviors in the spirit of love and compassion and honor for my being.  But that is not enough.  It is also necessary to rectify, remedy, and address the damage done.  That is the process that began 9 months ago, deepened 5 months ago through yoga on a retreat in Costa Rica, and deepened again through bodywork, including foot reflexology and acupuncture, two weeks ago on retreat in Northern California.

Me and my best friend for the next 3 days

Me and my best friend for the next 3 days

And the process of healing my body and cleansing and restoring my waters is continuing now in these days following the beautiful full, blue moon.  I am safe and grounded here at my sister’s home in Cardiff, California, and therefore I have the time and space to do this work, which is mandatory as it can put us in a very vulnerable state.  Today begins a 5 day cleansing and detoxing which involves a 3 day watermelon mono-diet, a 2 day reintroduction diet, and coffee enemas (please hold the envy and excitement for that one).  For the mono-diet, I will only be eating watermelon and drinking water beginning this morning when I woke up until I go to bed Wednesday night.  The concept of a mono-diet is about only putting one food in the organism for a period of time, therefore allowing the digestive system to only need to produce the same specific digestive enzyme(s) required for that food and nothing more, allowing the whole system to rest, reset and regenerate.  Watermelon is also a great food for purification, working specifically with the kidneys and the large and small intestine.  Thursday and Friday will involve a slow re-integration of other foods, first raw fruits and vegetables, and Friday small amounts of cooked rice and steamed veggies.

Organic coffee and enema bag

Organic coffee and enema bag

As for the coffee enemas, they weren’t as easy a sell for me.  I have never had an enema of any kind I am grateful to say, let alone a coffee one, so there was a natural amount of resistance.  But coffee enemas have been used by holistic practitioners and naturopaths for a very long time, and a dear friend of mine that was using a blend of Western medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy to heal her breast cancer last fall was administering two coffee enemas to herself each day, swearing by its results.  The idea is that these treatments help eliminate parasites and candida in the digestive system while leaving the good gut flora undisturbed.  The coffee also absorbs into the intestinal walls and travels via the portal vein right to your liver, stimulating the creation of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that accelerates the detoxification of toxins in the body.  I will be sure to keep you all posted as to my experience, but also be sure not to keep you TOO posted ;).

The last piece of all of this body purification and renewal process I feel compelled to share about is YOGA.  I am so unbelievably grateful for the medicine of this practice.  I am so grateful for all the lineages that have protected and preserved and expanded this practice for thousands of years.  And I am so grateful that it found its way to this continent in this past 100 years or so.  It is not just an exercise.  It is not just about flexibility.  The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke, to join, to unite, and that is what it does: it unites the mind, the body, and the spirit.  It is a way to find stillness through movement.  A way to cultivate steady, present breath no matter what position the body is in, or no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.  It is a way to open the energetic pathways of the body to allow them to flow more freely, therefore allowing us to be our most activated, potent selves.  It is a way to integrate all that happens in the spirit into the world of matter, reminding us that our bodies are bridges.

This is where my downward dog is today.  My hamstrings are very tight, preventing me from straightening my legs and putting my heels on the ground, yet I am grateful for a body and cultivating patience and consistency with my body.

This is where my downward dog is today. My hamstrings are very tight, preventing me from straightening my legs and putting my heels on the ground, yet I am grateful for a body and cultivating patience with it and consistency with my practice.

Until March, I had practiced yoga with a class here and there for years, which always felt good in the moment of doing so, but was forgoing the deeper, more transformative results of a regular practice.  But to practice daily, or almost daily, is to really get into one’s body.  To really see its strengths.  To really feel its weaknesses.  To find the neglected places.  To find the places holding pain.  To find the places refusing to open or release.  It is incredibly humbling.  I continue to have this sensation of coming back into a house I abandoned for years to find dirt, dust, spiderwebs needing clearing, and much refurbishment needed.  We are never to old or too sick to begin to heal, but I am feeling particularly grateful to be starting this next level of work at age 29, for my foundation is still strong and not crumbling, and the frame is still sturdy.  And yet, there is much work to do.  The most humbling piece has been that there is no quick fix.  This isn’t about making a few quick changes or working hard for a month or two.  This is about deep, sustainable changes to the way I exist in my body, the way I eat, the way I engage in all my relationships.  This is about a lifelong commitment to loving myself and caring for my first and most important holy place: this body.  This flesh that allows me to experience all the beauty of creation, all the depths and all the peaks of Life.

Resting in child's pose

Resting in child’s pose

We want peace on earth.  We want love.  We want unification. We want a well species, a well community of life, a well planet.  We want well waters.  We want vibrancy.  Alignment.  Flow.

Our best contribution to this is through our own bodies.  These bodies are our entry point into creation.  These bodies are our conduits through which we transform the world.

This is not easy, which is why we are so quick to try to change or condemn the external world.  Because that allows us to bypass the work that scares us, because when we look inward, we see the piece of the communal wound and the communal illness that we all carry, every single one of us.  We see our piece of the pain, we see our piece of the self-hate and self-abuse.  We see our greed and our fear and our anger and our hatred and our shadows.  And to do so and not be sucked into a vortex of shame and despair requires strong support from our communities that are also willing to look inward and mirror back worth, value, and compassion.

Thank you, tribe, for being a strong mirror for me every day.  Of all of our beauty and all of our ugliness.  Not one of us is irredeemable, no matter what deep dark dirty things we have buried deep inside ourselves.

Now is the invitation to open ourselves up.

Look in.

Find out the truth

that Spirit doesn’t make trash

we are each worthy of this life

we are each worthy of wellness




and LOVE

for and from ourselves

and all beings.


Our village

The song you hear in the video above first came to me probably about 5 years ago.  For whatever reason, even though everyone I played it for always really loved it, I never really liked playing it, so I very rarely did.  Even when my friend Joanie in Moab, UT, told me, “That song, Greg.  That song will take you around the world,” I still was hesitant with it.  There was just a few moments of dissonance I felt with a few of the lyrics, as if they weren’t quite right in certain places, as if the transmission was not fully clear, like my mind had interjected itself in a few spots.  But while I was in Costa Rica this past March, I started playing this for our retreat group and those few lyrics seemed to magically change themselves and this feeling of them “falling into rightful place” came over me.  I finally felt like the song was really ready.

Things are changing rapidly.  I feel a stronger and stronger pull into committing to my true vision and dreams, with my music, my work, and my community, and a falling away from side distractions and self-imposed roadblocks.  Clarity is coming, help is showing up.  Excitement is growing, as is willingness to work hard.

There are a few excursions I am building resources to undertake this summer, as well as the final details coming together for releasing my first album, First Day, likely this July.

I am grateful for the Tribe of Dreams.

I am grateful for our village.

And my true dream

the dream I will use all other dreams and intentions and energies towards bringing forth into physical manifestation

and I invite each of you to do the same

is a real village

a place on this earth with clean, rich soil

clear abundant water

a place to gather with intention and love

a place to ground a communal vibration of healing medicine love

and peace

for us

and our children’s children’s children’s children’s children.

Take good care, tribe.  Self-care is a truly revolutionary act, for when we are well, centered, and clear, we are most able to offer our gifts and energies in the service of Spirit.