On the night of Tuesday, August 28th, I was returning once again to a place that I have come to know and love so dearly: Moab, UT.  It was dark and the road was cutting across an open range.  As I crested one of the small hills, my headlights illuminated two antelope on the side of the road.  One […]

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SW Utah: Family, Liberation, 3D Printing, Desert Gardens, Music, Goddess Isis & More!

I left Southwestern Utah yesterday after 3 days and nights full of love, beauty, and re-connection, and I am feeling grateful and inspired. I got to St. George, UT on Saturday evening where I was hosted by two stellar tribesfolk, Bonnie and Carlyle.  I met these two beautiful humans through two of their 5 children, Katy and […]

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Water The essence of all life The mother of us all The most sacred elixir in all the universe Without water Earth is not earth Not the living breathing library of biodiversity she is But is instead a dry rock spinning around a fireball in endless space. Water changes everything. Water allows everything. Water is […]

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Day 4 of Cleanse: No More Watermelon!!!

The past three days have been quite interesting.  Monday morning, the watermelon monodiet commenced, eating nothing but watermelon through Wednesday.  Monday also held my very first enema.  (For those that haven’t read the post detailing the impetus for this cleanse, as well as the benefits, click here: Restoring the Original Temple: The Body) So here’s my […]

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The First Temple: The Body

Friday night, the moon was full in Aquarius. A full moon is a time of wholeness of things coming into fruition of graduation. It is the time in the full lunar cycle when our bodies hold the most water within them. As the full moon passes, the energies of release and letting go and flushing […]

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Our village

The song you hear in the video above first came to me probably about 5 years ago.  For whatever reason, even though everyone I played it for always really loved it, I never really liked playing it, so I very rarely did.  Even when my friend Joanie in Moab, UT, told me, “That song, Greg. […]

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