Sacred alchemy means that what we change and what we heal within ourselves will be reflected in the world around us, and it is this understanding that fuels the songs and sounds of Natavi Orion.   Music maker, performance artist, writer, activist, and community weaver, he uses his craft to contribute to the healing of the heart of humanity and raise consciousness. Natavi carries songs that elevate, illuminate, and activate the shared passion of protecting the waters and co-creating a new world that honors sustainability and wellness for the Earth and all her creatures.

The Tribe of Dreams is a collective of people that have for years made this work possible on every level, and who continue to walk behind a unified prayer.


Natavi is available for performances, workshops, sound healings, and personal ritual.  To make a booking, email natavi@tribeofdreams.com.


Instagram: natavi.orion

twitter: @tribeofdreams



To awaken the world
we can
we must
awaken ourselves

The awakened
state of mind
is right here
all the time
available to each of us
to take part in
and however
we know how.

we can allow ourselves to forgo our ‘knowing’
and by doing so

we open the door to finding that this state of consciousness
is all there is
the rest is illusion

forms rising
forms dancing
forms falling
on the stage
the field is the stage
we are the field
and the form

the tribe of dreams
is everywhere
i’ve got to meet so many
all my teachers
as one of the webweavers
and visionkeepers

human beings learning
how to be humans being

liberating ourselves
healing our wounds
offering our gifts
and dreaming
and creating
a new way
that honors the old ways
in conscious harmony
with all the cosmos
from which we come
to which we belong
and of whom we are
all our relations

many blessings to all on the path and welcome home to here!
-Natavi Orion


8 comments on “About

  1. Holly Pedrini says:

    How do I subscribe to this blog?

  2. Laurie Lotus says:

    Who wrote She Has Returned? I received it on FB and love it! Would like to give credit. I hope it goes viral!

  3. I accidently posted my comments 3 times on “She has returned” can I remove the duplicates? Sorry about that!

  4. Hi there! After reading “she has returned, I was moved to share it on my FB page. It his many nerves and in-sighted some negative information dumping about HRC. I read this poem almost every day. It’s powerful and beautiful and profoundly close to my heart. I would like your permission to share (giving credit to Natavi Orion, of course) SHE HAS RETURNED at a singing circle on Election eve here in Nevada City CA.

    • Hello dear sister, thank you for your words and heart. Permission to share these words as freely as you can, because they came to me from a place of divine inspiration and guidance so that they may be shared. Much love to you as we walk with peace

  5. I am sharing your “she has returned” with my email list. In gratitude to you and all who are part of this circle we are sharing.

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