Travelogue of sorts.  Journeys through this world and others.

Music is my medicine.

What’s your’s?




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Who wrote She Has Returned? I received it on FB and love it! Would like to give credit. I hope it goes viral!

  2. Hi there! After reading “she has returned, I was moved to share it on my FB page. It his many nerves and in-sighted some negative information dumping about HRC. I read this poem almost every day. It’s powerful and beautiful and profoundly close to my heart. I would like your permission to share (giving credit to Natavi Orion, of course) SHE HAS RETURNED at a singing circle on Election eve here in Nevada City CA.

    1. Hello dear sister, thank you for your words and heart. Permission to share these words as freely as you can, because they came to me from a place of divine inspiration and guidance so that they may be shared. Much love to you as we walk with peace

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