Indiana Jones-ing the Concrete Jungle

concrete jungle

After almost 4 years on the road, much of which I spent sure I would never move back here, I am officially an NYC resident once again…

We never know what we need until we need it.

My time on the road internally was about finding a better way to BE in my life than I had been BEing, and externally was largely about spreading a web, building a network, and linking communities together around shared visions and intentions.  I can say that the mission was successful in ways I could never have imagined or planned for.

It is a new time now, and a new stage of the mission is unfolding.

First, bring back the gifts acquired on the journey to the people and places from which I came, and the jewels and gems that I return carrying are largely in the form of vibrational medicine:  music.  The songs I went out on the road with have been transformed, and countless new ones have arrived; the music continues to evolve into higher frequency and potency.

To continue it’s evolution, my music now needs New York, and in this time of global transformation, New York now needs my music.

I also return from the quest carrying seeds of a new vision for my life.  A vision of cultivating, aligning with, and contributing to a sustainable way of moving forward as human beings on Earth, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These seeds need to be planted in clean, fertile soil where there is abundant fresh, clear water and pure air, which obviously is not the current reality in New York City.  It once was, and will be again, but NYC is not the place to put these seeds into the soil.

Manhattan Island

But it is the right place, the perfect place, to bring them before sowing them, for the magic of this island never left.

I have stored the seeds safely in my heart cave, where they are incubating, charging, waiting.  In the meantime, I am here to Indiana Jones this concrete jungle.  This island is a vortex.  A hotspot.  A gathering place.  So much energy converges and swirls here.  When I walk it’s streets and see the Empire State Building continually poking into view, it reminds me of a giant antennae, receiving energy from the earth and stars, magnetizing so many humans to this place, and transmitting back to the stars all that we are weaving and stirring and c0-creating here.  There are immeasurable resources and abundances here…treasures hidden in this here urban jungle… and with proper care of self, clarity of mind, strong community support, and aligned presence, one can navigate these energy currents, find the treasures, and use them to build their dreams.  These seeds are asking me to do just this.

So here I am.  With gratitude, excitement, and readiness.

nyc night

New York City, unpredictable, powerful, illuminated, living breathing creature that you are, I am here to dance with you.  I am here to learn from you.  I am here to give to you.  And I am here with open hands, open arms, and open heart, to receive what you have for me that will help carry me, the tribe, and these seeds to the right spot on the earth

put them in the ground

and water them.

And then you, magnificent city, will once again become my playground, my workplace, my marketplace, my classroom….

and my home will be a different jungle.



But in this perfect NOW, it’s on with the Jones-ing….





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