Transmission from the Road: desert, music, abundance & EXCITEMENT

As I crossed the country in February, driving from Massachusetts to California, I proclaimed, “This is my last time driving across this continent for A WHILE!”  I declared with certainty that the van was going to stay on the west coast for at least a year, if not longer, and if I needed to go east I would fly.

Well, once again I am reminded that we make plans and God laughs.  We know so little.

My big sis and I :)
My big sis and I 🙂

After one last swim in the sacred waters of the Pacific, I left my sister’s place in Cardiff, CA on Thursday evening with my sails set towards New York, of course with a zig-zagging route through as many tribe outposts as possible while still honoring my 3-week time frame and my financial availability.  My first stop was in Anaheim, CA to visit my cousin, best bud, partner in adventure/crime, and my very first road dawg, Skye Bone, where we played music and shared and laughed late into the night.

SkyeBone, me, and my beard, Colorado, Summer 2012
SkyeBone, me, and my crazy beard, Colorado, Summer 2012
Skye & I doing what we do best, San Diego, 2013
Skye & I doing what we do best, San Diego, 2013

Yesterday (Friday), on my way to my next stop, (Los Angeles, to visit starseed and fellow music weaver Ahmond), I stopped at a cafe to finish the final details of my debut album, “First Day.”  And I finally did just that!  This album contains a mix of music I wrote during many different periods over the past 4 years and was recorded at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA back in January.  So after 7 months of tweaking, refining, dragging my feet a bit, and carrying out the required steps beyond just the music to really complete the project and share it with the world, it is done!!!  “First Day” by Natavi is available NOW! Give it a listen, get your copy,and share it here!

What a whirlwind of excitement and abundance I am experiencing right now, for which I am deeply moved and grateful.  As I left LA late last night, driving to the Mojave Desert where I camped for the night, I was listening to some youtube videos of Bashar, the multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future (how’s that for weird for you?!?).  The thing he shared that made my whole body buzz and my heart jump and my mouth smile was that “excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true, core natural being. Follow your excitement!”  He went on to explain that this is the best guidance for life, to follow our excitement, not because it feels good or is fun, but because the feeling of excitement is actually the feeling of our truest essence, it is the vibration of our highest self, and when we follow that, we are most able to fulfill the highest purpose of our life, which is to be our self to the best of our ability and live each moment as fully as possible.

Cheers to that!  I am thrilled about this new chapter opening before me, thrilled about this ‘first day’ i am experiencing… I am ready, grateful, and I say YES.  And we are all invited to do the same!

Starting this day in presence, gratitude, & EXCITEMENT with yoga and meditation in the only shady spot I could find in the Mojave!
Starting this day in presence, gratitude, & EXCITEMENT with yoga and meditation in the only shady spot I could find in the Mojave!


One thought on “Transmission from the Road: desert, music, abundance & EXCITEMENT

  1. Good to hear of your journeys. I love Bashar’s messages, very practical, like it’s a wake up call for spiritual common sense. Getting the message in the desert is rich and powerful and will bring more enthusiasm as you continue on your journey. Blessings,

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