Our village

The song you hear in the video above first came to me probably about 5 years ago.  For whatever reason, even though everyone I played it for always really loved it, I never really liked playing it, so I very rarely did.  Even when my friend Joanie in Moab, UT, told me, “That song, Greg.  That song will take you around the world,” I still was hesitant with it.  There was just a few moments of dissonance I felt with a few of the lyrics, as if they weren’t quite right in certain places, as if the transmission was not fully clear, like my mind had interjected itself in a few spots.  But while I was in Costa Rica this past March, I started playing this for our retreat group and those few lyrics seemed to magically change themselves and this feeling of them “falling into rightful place” came over me.  I finally felt like the song was really ready.

Things are changing rapidly.  I feel a stronger and stronger pull into committing to my true vision and dreams, with my music, my work, and my community, and a falling away from side distractions and self-imposed roadblocks.  Clarity is coming, help is showing up.  Excitement is growing, as is willingness to work hard.

There are a few excursions I am building resources to undertake this summer, as well as the final details coming together for releasing my first album, First Day, likely this July.

I am grateful for the Tribe of Dreams.

I am grateful for our village.

And my true dream

the dream I will use all other dreams and intentions and energies towards bringing forth into physical manifestation

and I invite each of you to do the same

is a real village

a place on this earth with clean, rich soil

clear abundant water

a place to gather with intention and love

a place to ground a communal vibration of healing medicine love

and peace

for us

and our children’s children’s children’s children’s children.

Take good care, tribe.  Self-care is a truly revolutionary act, for when we are well, centered, and clear, we are most able to offer our gifts and energies in the service of Spirit.



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