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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oregon City, OR

natavi GRK


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Last fall, I rode a horse for the first time in my life here in Oregon City at my tribesbrother Max’s family horse ranch.  It was beyond words… to be in communion with such truly magnificent creatures brings one right into the present moment.

The horse people are medicine people, through and through.

Since I saw him last, Max bought a sweet little house a few minutes down the road from his family’s ranch and moved there with his partner Becca and her young daughter.

Max's crowing jewel
Max’s crowing jewel

He also discovered float tanks.

When Max finds something that resonates with him, his immense passion is unleashed, and floating has done just that.  He was so excited about what he experienced in those tanks that he bought his own float tank and has aligned his vision for his life with turning his home into a wellness center with floating as the centerpiece and spreading the gospel of the float.  He now formally refers to his house as The Float Home.

I had heard of these sensory deprivation float tanks in which you can see nothing and hear nothing, floating in water with such a high salt content that you feel like you are out of the force of gravity.  I had heard many vague descriptions of the possible experiences people can have, from relaxation to physical and emotional healing to induced visionary states, but I had never actually seen one of these tanks or entered into one myself.  Max explained that the salt in the water infuses the body with much needed magnesium, which our people are usually quite deficient in, as well as pulls excess toxins out of our skin.  He told us that floating on a regular basis has created such a sense of peace and surrender in his life, a sense of physical, emotional, and mental wellness, and a pervasive feeling of accetpance of all that is.  How’s that for some selling points?!?

Well, if it is up to Max, every human being would be floating on the regular, so he invited us to come to his home and float before leaving Oregon, and I definitely cold not pass that up.

Float tank
Float tank
photo (11)
Float tank open and ready for me

I was immediately excited when I saw that the tank was a pyramid shape!  Good things happen energetically in pyramids, one of the most imporant designs of sacred architecture.  And it also was nice to see how simple it was because over the years my imagination had created these mysterious float tanks to be quite the elaborate and strange contraptions, but turns out they are simply canvas pyramind baths.

Max showed me to the shower so I could bathe before and after floating, told me to go in with no expectations, to get out whenever I felt like it, and then left me to have my first float.  The room was dark with just a candle burning, and the flap to the tank was open and waiting.  I took off my towel, crawled in, and closed the flap behind me.

Well, I must say that what happened in there has definitely sold me on float tanks being a legitimate tool in the realms of healing, wellness, and relaxation.

It was total darkness, and as my ears were under the water, pretty much silence outside of the sounds of my own breath and the movement of the water, which was so salty that it held and supported my whole body, head included, no effort on my part required.  The front third of my body, as well as my face, were out of the water and there was no need to flex one single muscle to support myself.  It was interesting to observe the parts of my body I hold clenched or flexed, even when I think I am fully relaxing and letting go, and there was definitely an adjustment period of checking in with different parts of my body, particularly my legs, back, and neck, in order to truly release all tension, surrender, and trust the water to hold me.

Because the water is at room temperature, after just a few minutes in there, it feels more like floating in space with no gravity than it feels like floating in water.  And as I voyaged into space, I felt peacefully alone with my Self.  Totally supported and safe.  At some point, I began to sound.  It was unintentional at first, just a low rumble that rose up from my throat and reverberated in my head, but it felt so good that I continued to do so.  There is a way to make sounds in the water that were likely almost inaudible to anyone outside the tank, but because sound is vibration, it can be heard internally, vibrating inside the body, and the water is the perfect conduit for such sounds, literally creating a sound bath of my own making.

photo (12)I felt the whale spirit strong within me as I sang gently, filling the waters with vibrations charged with the intentions of love and wellness, therefore charging the very waters themselves.  I saw visions of pairing these tanks with sound healers, finding a way for the patient to float while the sound healer sat outside the tank, somehow piping the live, gentle sound medicine into the waters.  Also visions of piping in whale song, such ancient, pure, perfect music medicine.

I met a woman in Williams, OR last fall that told a group of us the following story:

“There is a creature on this planet that spends its entire life singing.  It travels in families, and each family has its own unique song.  These creatures use their family song to find one another when they get lost or separated.  Each time a new baby is born, the baby begins to occasionally interject a new note into the song that was never there before.  The rest of the family ignores it for a while, continuing to sing their ancestral song as they had been before.  But the new one just keeps singing that new note here and there.  Soon enough, all the other members of the family begin to include this new note into their family song, forever changing and evolving it.  These creatures live within a co-created dream, a co-created song, a co-created story. These creatures are whales.”

As I continued to float, I began to see/feel/understand what was going on in these tanks and why they have such potential to offer healing. The tank allows the body to be in a total state of relaxation, ease, and comfort, and most likely the floater is conscious while this is happening.  Usually, when our bodies are in such a state, we are unconscious.  As a result of pairing of this specific state of being with being conscious, an inner environment is created that is most conducive to activating the immune system and unleashing and supporting the floater’s innate ability to repair, renew, and heal one’s own body.

We each have this capability, and any and every tool that assists us in returning to our inherent state of empowered self-healing is not only welcome, but needed at this point in the journey of our species.

Backyard at The Float Home
Backyard at The Float Home

Time is lost track of very easily when voyaging through the cosmos and the depths of the oceans, but it appears my float lasted just about exactly an hour.  I got out, took a shower, and found my way out into the expansive backyard.  The sun was shining.  The air fresh.  The earth vibrating her perfect harmonic vibration.  I just sat myself down on the earth in the grass and breathed and received the warmth and light of the sun deeply into my being.

Max, although obviously a huge advocate of floating, always tells everybody before they float, “No expectations,” which I find to be pretty essential and hugely beneficial for all of life’s experiences, and it definitely rings true here too.  It is relaxing, yes.  It is healing, yes.  But the effects of the power of this tool lie in the subtlety, a place our people have long been overlooking.  There was no, “Oh my god!” revelations or startling visions or drastic difference in energy level after one float.  But there was a sublte depth and availability to my own vitality and life force.  A bit more finely tuned harmony with the earth beneath me.  And a bit deeper experience of presence.

And this is exactly why Max has named this place “The Float Home.”

Yes, his home is the place to float, but PRESENCE is home.  HERE is home.  NOW is home, in the truest sense.  And this tool is a beautiful, gentle, restful way for each of us to FLOAT HOME.

****If you are in the Portland, OR area and you are interested in visiting The Float Home, please get in touch with Max via his new Page for the space on facebook.  Also, if you could visit the page, “Like” it, and even share it, it would certainly help support this beautiful brother, his family, and this offering to humanity from their hearts.


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