Gaia is Speaking

The following post is from dear tribesister and earth warrior Alyzabeth Rhiannon Anath:



From the sacred sanctuary of Joshua tree with 2,000 yogis at Shaktifest I arrive home to the precious ocean newly blackened with 100,000 gallons of oil.
I ride west crossing into Nevada just hours before they closed I-15 due to an earthquake.
I arrive into an ancient sacred site of the Hopi and Paiute In the dark, the only human for miles… I was welcomed by the majesty of the land and its ancestors.

I slept there , entering dreamtime with total and radical trust…
My intentions, to listen deeply to the movements of the earth ( this site lies upon fault lines)and tap into the primordial wisdom of the 12,000 years of pilgrims , tribe and ancestor through those rocks….
So much came through and continues as I continued east into the Rocky Mountains that have received so much rain that I was dazzled by the neon greens and redness of the exposed rocks.
This region has had a month of unprecedented rain…water is ABUNDANT.

I climbed higher and drove into snow flurries. Disoriented by the white, the cold , I stopped at a rest stop at twilight and was running up the path asking for guidance when I almost ran right into a fox.
He stopped, placed his paws down and as I came close we just stared at one another , shivering for a half hour. What a gift! The fox’s medicine teaches the art of camouflage, adaptability, protection of the family, honoring the feminine and ONENESS.

aly4                           aly5


The mother is shifting, no doubt about it.
There is no need for fear…
On the contrary, this is a time of potent transformation that requires a wakefulness.
A shift from the ME to the WE.

There is a quickening unraveling…
The time is now.
Can we peer into the truth of what is occurring and utilize our gifts to rise and listen to this mama earth?
Can we heed her call in a loving and sustainable way?
It begins with you…
Your family

One heartaly3
One blood
One tribe

Let us embrace what is
As it is
And join hearts and hands in forgiveness and sacred activism!
We are the ones we have been waiting for.



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