Tribe of Dreams Dispatch

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Auburn, MA

natavi GRK


Got back to Auburn around 3:30am this morning

Gathered with some tribe in NYC last night

at the Alphabet City Sanctuary

it is such a special place

once a synagogue

now a community center with an organic restaurant on the first floor and a small yoga studio/event space on the top floor

such a strong energy there

and has become our tribe outpost whenever we gather again

. .
the following painting welcomed us into the space

a delighted “why-am-i-not-surprised-to-see-you” type of jubilation in my heart upon seeing her

this is Yemoja

or Yemanja

the orisha (divinity in African Yoruba tradition) of the oceans

the mother of us all



to see old dear friends is one joy

to sing with them again after a long time apart is a joy on a whole other level

to go into the intimate space of singing together





this enlivens the heart

a new friend


brought his spinning device


spinning device

a handcrafted portable human turntable

on which he stands

and spins

this sounds intriguing to  hear about

and to see it far exceeds intrigue and invites captivation

whirling dervishes whirl

Craig spins

and spin he did

as we played music in a circle around him

when i got on to try

i was very quickly humbled

this is no easy feat

it required such an honest and immediate engagement with/reflection upon


in all of my bodies







i didn’t realize i was signing up for all that 🙂

another new friend


declared after a few songs  “damn! this is really the Night of People Who Can SING! And it will forever forth be referred to as such!”

i like that

Tribe of Dreams presents “The Night of People Who Can Sing”

In addition to the lush voices of Michelle and Katy

friends I have been having the privilege to sing with for many years now

Michelle brought her friend Jess

and she too

rocked our socks off

or would have if i had been wearing any

the acoustics in the room are really spectacular

and ideas for future vocal resonance gatherings sprung forth

We sat on blankets on the roof in the warm spring air

under the stars

(those that have not been completely covered up by the city’s light-blanket)

and talked

and laughed


Brett, Ms Katy Potter, Greg, Michelle Adams

it was really a lovely time together

Craig expressing

in our closing

“This was so lovely.  Just people being human beings together in such a nice way.  Nobody does this anymore.”

We do.

We must!


it does not take much

music helps

a little food helps

candles seem to help

a nice space helps

but really

it only NEEDS a gathering of two or more hearts

to practice community

a most sacred practice

of how to be with one another

and how to be with ourselves

in a good way

each human being is here with a few gifts to offer in our relatively extremely quick lives

these gifts being why we came here in the first place

to offer them into the collective of Life here to the best of our ability

and then die

these gifts are the medicine

for all of the suffering and sickness in our selves and our people and all beings

and when we gather in this way

and create an environment in which we can all feel safe and free and appreciated

it allows each of us to offer that medicine more freely

i am grateful for the medicine our small group cooked up together last night

it has been doing me good

and i know it will continue to sustain me

time to rest up for me

a lot of movement

now needs to be BALANCED

with some time in the woods

bare feet on the earth

can each step be a step of peace?

can we kiss the earth each time we press our foot to her?


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