as we awaken to our selves

we can catch glimpses of who we are as our most truest self

unfettered by our pains traumas disfunctions ignorances and illnesses

uncluttered by our ideas and opinions and beliefs and dogmas and delusions and visions

free of our attachments and desires and hopes and fears

the spark of our soul


glimpses that are not visual
but visceral

in which we can connect with that part of ourselves and Be from it

in which we can experience that state of being this most true self resides in eternally

and come into union with it


this can be nirvana


this initially brings great comfort

great inspiration

cultivates great trust

renews vigor for life


it also brings

sometimes less quickly

great discomfort

because these glimpses become great transformation agents

which translates to “great change bringers”

which can easily be seen as “comfort-within-safety-zone destroyers”


great friction can arise

between what we carry as our dreams and visions

both for our own individual lives and the collective life of our planet

and the reflections/emanations/expressions of our current state of being we are experiencing in the present


this great friction creates fire

fire transmuts and transforms


baptism by fire

only way out is through


in the meantime



and simplcity

may be the most treasured gifts we can cultivate for ourselves and the world

and they will serve us most loyally in our path to true sovereignty

and to unification 

of self 

of world


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