Earth Day

Today is Earth Day
every day is an earth day

one day
uniquely long to this planet
given our size
and location
set within a solar system
nestled within a galaxy of moving parts

one day
with approximately equal light and dark
ebbing and flowing
like the tides of the mighty oceans
these seas
this elixir of life in our universe


today is Earth Day
everyday is an earth day
a day we get blessed with
to experience this time and space
in this time and space

a chance to live with renewed integrity
reflected in the way we are
the way we are in the world
the way we are when we are alone
the way we are when we are together
the way we are with the planet
this planet
we call home
among so many

today is Earth Day
every day is an earth day
a day to renew our humility
our gratitude
our presence
our compassion
reflected in the way we are
the way we are in the world

to see smog in the air
oil on the shores
trash in the oceans
chemicals in the soil
we see a reflection of our collective consciousness as a globalized culture
we see ourselves
the good, the bad, and the ugly

as we present ourselves before the waters
so we present ourselves in the world

it can make the heart ache
the stomach twist
the fists tighten
ego snarl

it can prod our anger

but those emotions
while part of us
while very informative at times
while useful at times
are not places to live in
not places to live from
act from
be from

we have a choice we must take
to look at it without turning away
and instead open ourselves to what we see
and allow it to completely transform us

this is what we have built
these are its results
we can do better
for sure
and we must
for our children’s children’s children
and as fast as we can

we must meet ourselves with the same compassion
and love
that we want and expect to see in the world

we must carry these gifts
these gifts that awaken the heart to consciousness
and allow them to do so in our selves

and from this place
action aligned with these principles springs forth
like raging waters
carving a new path through the canyon
with growing depth and strength and momentum

all hands on deck
this planet was once a permaculture library of biodiversity harmoniously evolving together as well as simultaneously individuating
and we have walked far enough down the path of mono-culture patriarchal agricultural capitalist culture to see that it’s effects are too disastrous
to this beautiful planet
to our precious families
to our own hearts
our own children
there is too much suffering
much of which can be alleviated with those gifts we talk about
we have walked far enough down this path to see it doesn’t work
and we have learned some things that are now going to come in really handy in creating a new path for our species
that is sustainable
and kind
and free

a new path forward
humble enough to do right for our mistakes
to each other
to our selves
to this earth
patient enough to learn a new way
compassionate enough to allow forgiveness its chance to heal

a new path that the waters are protected and revered and free
and so are the people
that the soils are cherished and rich and well
that the air is fresh and clean
and freedom is our natural expression

this is the new way forward
onward we go

happy earth day tribe


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