Earth Day 2: The Placenta of the Soul

Source transmission received through the glorious antennas of guest blogger and interstellar tribesman Ian Antioco:

Every day is earth day because your body is literally made out of the earth and the elements.

Nothing is more grounded, real, and connected to the earth then your body.

When consciousness expands, we come into the field of awareness that our health is directly connected to the planet and the planets health is directly connected to our health because its all the same thing.

Thank you, body, for being so miraculous.

Thank you brain for manufacturing neurotransmitters which mediate consciousness and awareness.

Thank you lungs for transmuting the exhale of plants into a life force that sustains my cells.

Thank you cells and the mitochondria within them for creating energy like little stars in the universe of my body.

Thank you heart for being an oscillator of an electromagnetic field which science can’t even begin to grasp.

Thank you heart for being the center and fountain of pure magic.

Thank you stomach and intestines for being the garden of magic which composts food and nutrients and allocates them to build the body temple.

Thank you arteries and veins for being the vessels which nourish and sustain this precious life just as rivers on the body of this planet.

Thank you liver (LIVE), you give me life, filter and deposit nutrient dense compounds to be used when needed.

Thank you kidneys for filtering and regulating.

Thank you skin for protecting me and transforming the sun’s light into nourishment.

Thank you tongue for letting me experience the wonder of chocolate.

Thank you eyes for allowing me to perceive the physical world, navigate time and space and appreciate all the beauty in creation.

Thank you ears for for the ability to perceive vibration and experience music and language.

Thank you spine/bones and muscle for making me strong, allowing me to experience surfing, running, climbing and movement.

Thank you immune system for being the warriors of protection.

The body is the placenta of the soul.

Thank you earth for making this experience possible.


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