Costa Rica


The focus of this past week and a half has been integration

returning to California from two powerful weeks in Costa Rica

the first week in active wellness retreat with members of my community from the states

and the second week fulfilling a work trade in exchange for my time at the retreat center.

Every day began with a swim in the cool, fresh, clean waters of the Rio Naranjodscn4645

listening to the symphony of birds and insects rising from the jungles.

I ate fresh, whole, plant food

cooked and prepared with love and presence by amazing women

and was sung to sleep by the river below my cabin within the walls of Posada Natura

a jungle retreat center

a castle of healing light

grounding the collective prayer for peace and harmony on the planet.

I sat in ceremony, prayed, meditated, and practiced yoga with a community of true brothers and sisters on a path of consciousness and compassion

oh, and i napped in hammocks

i must not ever forget the napping in hammocks.



Dreams do come true

when we align with what is right on the sacred path


and say yes

and thank you

This specific dream

of retreat in Costa Rica with this community

has been being dreamed into fruition for about two years now

but what its fruition has given to me has been the result of everything that has occurred in these past 4 years

starting with the collection of music that erupted out of me while I was slogging away at my life in New York City

the music that demanded I change course




be reborn

and go forth into the unknown

to discover the life I came here for.

My time in retreat brought me much clarity, information, and peace

for which words are inadequate to express

as always

but i would like to share just a few tidbits

as a prayer of gratitude for the transformation occurring within myself

and the world.

I have always felt an empathic connection to the suffering of humanity

and to the suffering of the planet and the rest of the plant, animal, and insect kingdoms which has resulted from the suffering and ignorances of our species.

when i was younger, i wanted to “save the world”

was even voted most likely to do so in the silly high-school yearbook superlatives section

i set my sights on big impact and global influence

but over the years, i saw and felt the overwhelm this creates

and the impotence of personal power through such an approach.

I then found myself trying to “save my family”

setting my sights on impacting, influencing, and healing my blood family and soul family

with similar resulting overwhelm and impotency.

and now

guided by wisdom of those that came before

of great teachers and examples and friends

of plant masters and teachers

and of my own true heart

i am arriving in a place of recognition that the work must be done within my own self

within this here skin

that is where the impact, influence, and healing work is required

and there is more than enough inside here to get into alignment

physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

and then to maintain such alignment

and going outside of myself to try to change or fix or help anyone else

is abandoning the arena of my true influence:

my own self.

this is not to say we have no impact on our families, communities, or the planet

quite the contrary is true, actually,

as every moment of our life we are co-creating the world we live in,

but making assumptions about what work other’s need to do

and attempting to do it for them

or judging them for how well they are or are not doing it themselves

in our own perceptions

flies in the face of the sacred teaching of utter humility

and rushing to force or move or manipulate the energies at play in the larger world

only finds us engaging and perpetuating the cyclical energies already at play

and neglecting and abandoning our own selves

and our own realm of power.

the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

do we want to see peace?

we must end the war within our self.

we must find the places within our own being where we are at war

with ourselves

with our thoughts or ideas or behaviors

find the places within our being where we are at war with the thoughts, ideas, and behaviors of others

and bring presence



and simplicity.

we must learn to hold space for our own selves,

our own processes.

we must unify the nations within us

dscn6301purify our minds

our bodies

so that we are clear, true vessels of LOVE.

and as we cultivate this vibration

this frequency

because make no mistake


and LOVE


are vibrations

and frequencies

and as we cultivate them within our own vessels

we must ground that vibration in the earth

and hold that frequency

in the face of any diminishing vibrations that arise around us.

THIS is the way we impact the outer world

THIS is our contribution to the greater wellness and the uplifting of humanity

WE, OURSELVES, are the entry point into the collective, the conduits for offering wellness and peace and healing to the rest of creation

and it can be done no other way.

There is no short cut.

There is no magic button or pill

It requires vigilance of presence within each of us

it requires fierce compassion and acceptance of where we are and who we are and what we carry and how we are able to be, right now.

it requires hard work

and exuberant play

and deep rest

and a heart of service

and great, great patience

for ourselves and all other beings

and it requires trust

that everything, somehow, is fine.

not as a cop-out

or an excuse

or a justification

or absolution

but as a recognition of a higher reality

a sacred reality

not only hidden somewhere in some spiritual realm

but also rooted here in the world of matter and form

and as we continue to cultivate this

and ground this

we become better and better able to serve as midwives to a new world

and as vessels of the healing love that is the Light of the existence.

Posada Natura is a vision that was started by my teacher, brother, and friend Gustavo over a decade ago

and has been growing since.

A place of interconnectivity with self, Mother Earth, humanity, Life, and the stars.

A place of healing.

A place of love and family and community.

These are his words:
“My mission is to spread a sense of Well-Being and serve as a catalyst for the grounding of the emerging Sacred Reality, rooting the seeds of Love in our land and in the hearts of our family, to live life honoring the ways of Love, Truth, Respect and Peaceful cooperation, reflecting to our visitors the values of a new society.
Further to provide the grounds for Sacred Space for these values to flourish in deep connection and honoring of Nature and its biological truth. My direction comes from within, so my mission is to nurture a container for healing and to encourage and inspire people to shift back to internal guidance with the help of Master Plants, to look deep in their hearts for the Oneness that we all share.
For so long we’ve been opened to the frequencies of fear using our Power to give credibility to its illusions. I want to help to tune to the frequencies that will heal ourselves and our planet and guide our tribe to the future in the stars.
My vision is to attract and expand a Family of Light bearers creating a land base community of Healers, Artist and Lovers, to assist the current and future generations in the transformation that is taking place on the Planet. To generate natural abundance in cooperation with other facilitators to produce unique programs for healing and transformation using the next generation techniques. To develop further the grounds of Posada Natura to reflect a micro village of the future… My vision is based on creating abundance that will allow our team to travel the world bringing home the new discovered gifts from other tribes.. tools to be used and sold at our gift shop to remind us of the purpose of their work and life. To Teach by inspiration…and by offering practical ways to fine tune the human biology to express the highest frequency possible.”

dscn4601 dscn4605 dscn4603dscn4606


About every 29 years, Saturn completes one full lap around the sun

Which means that about every 29 years, Saturn returns to the place in the sky it occupied at the moment of our birth.

With this return, it brings the energies of time and transformation

and creates a gate for us to pass through between major phases of our lives.

For a few years prior, we feel the energies of this threshold pulling us towards it

and often times dismantling much of our lives and perceptions in the process

in order to prepare us for our transformation.

This past handful of years has done just that for me

completely pulling things apart

flipping them upside down

stripping away that which I had been valuing that was of no value to me

and revealing what is true and real and necessary

inviting me to hold true to these things in the center and let the rest die.

I went to retreat in Costa Rica with the intention of completing my passing through the gate of my first Saturn’s return

and my time there revealed just that:

I made it through.

The work is never done

in fact

it only goes deeper

but something is finished.

Something has been completed.

A piece of my journey is over

a threshold has been crossed

with a profound amount of help and support

and I now have access to a greater abundance of my life forces and energies

and a momentum at my back

propelling me into this life I have been blessed with

encouraging me to walk the earth with humility









and love.

A path of sustainable wellness is open before me

in which I come back into a harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship with my mother, Earth

not taking more than I need

giving back to protect the abundance for all other beings

and using the handful of gifts and tools I came to this planet with to co-create spaces and opportunities for my tribe to do the same.

by Kay Kelley
by Kay Kelley

Now is the time.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Deep bow of gratitude for all the teachers, guides, guardians, friends, family, and tribe

on this side

and the other

that have protected my mind, heart, and body

that have kept me on this path

and have taught me, in turn, how to do this for myself

each day I am blessed with.



Here is the link to the Posada Natura website:

Here is a link to the photo album from the trip:


Peace to all beings everywhere.



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