International Women’s Day


Yesterday was International Women’s Day

Women are the sacred vessels through which life comes into this world

The women of every species offer their bodies to their people

with unimaginable selflessness

in order to continue to bring them forth

in order to continue to offer us the opportunity to be alive, embodied, here on Earth

We have been most ungrateful

How is it that so many women are raped, beaten, killed?

How is it that so many women are neglected, objectified, unappreciated, degraded?

How is it that so many women have become so acclimated to this culture that they neglect, objectify, and degrade themselves?

These sacred beings that grow the next generation in their wombs

These sacred beings that do the hardest work there is on this planet in delivering their children into the world

These sacred beings that feed us of their own bodies

Nurture us

Protect us

Love us

Heal us

We owe everything to them


If we think for one second that the anti-woman sentiments deep within our cultural programming are not directly connected to the anti-earth sentiments that are also deep within our cultural programming

if we think for one second that they are not perfect reflections of one another

we are sadly mistaken

for the women of each species

are avatars for Mother Earth herself

and Mother Earth is an avatar of the Divine Feminine herself

In cherishing the planet

the Great Mother that grows each of us in her womb

that creates our bodies

that nourishes us and loves us and gives us a place to live and a path to walk

and takes our bodies back into herself when we no longer need them

In cherishing her

The women of the world are also cherished

And in cherishing the women of the world

this great planet we call home is also cherished

As we heal as a species

and remember the sacred balance and equality of all of us

those that occupy the place of Man

those that occupy the place of Woman

and those that occupy the many spaces and intersections in between

we, too, are healing our relationship with this planet

and it is inevitable

and it is already in motion

because the alternative is the end

with no women

there is no any of us

and with no planet

there isn’t either.

Walk upon the earth with gentle and peaceful steps

steps that say “thank you, great mother,

for the gift of Life,

and for never giving up on us

even in all our unspeakable sins against you.”

The only sin

is being a vessel of unlove.

Be a vessel of love.

It is why we are here.

It is the supreme opportunity of humanity.

And it is the most beautiful experience in the universe.

Thank you to all Women, my sisters, my mothers, my grandmothers, my daughters

Thank you to all Men that cherish them, my brothers, my fathers, my grandfathers, my sons

And thank you to all beings that carry the flame of both, for the sacred work you do in walking your path and building the bridge between us all

We are going to be ok

we already are

we must live that truth


and now

and so it is

My beautiful, kind, loving, generous, amazing mother, and I. Thank you Mama. For everything.


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