Dispatch from the road: Tuscaloosa, AL

I am like a cat this morning

have found the sunny spot on the floor in my buddy Joe’s room

where I am staying here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I met Joe 3 years ago on my first sweep across the continent in 2012

at a Chipotle’s actually

It became clear by the end of the following day that he and his circle of friends here were the reason I was called to Tuscaloosa in the first place

Another circle of the tribe of dreams found

another tribe outpost connected

we haven’t seen each other since

and yet there has always been this feeling of us walking this past few years of our paths together

true friendship

for we never walk alone

even if we are alone

The cold is following me I think

sorry eastern US

i left Auburn MA less than 2 weeks ago and they have since received 3 feet more of snow on top of the 4 or so already there

just in time I was down in Long Island

left there the day before record low temperatures arrived for 3 days

stayed in Raleigh, NC for the weekend

Drove out for Georgia as snow began to fall Monday morning

Woke up Wednesday to snow falling in Marietta, GA and proceeded to drive to Tuscaloosa, AL

Where we sat around a fire in Joe’s backyard, most of the same tribe as our first gathering together years back

and it was apparently Alabama’s coldest night of the year

it caught me

the cold

I think I escaped the snow though

and I’m ok with being caught by the cold

firstly because the cold in Alabama is a warm day for my hometown up in MA right now

and secondly because it reveals just how blessed and grateful I am that I have this beautiful web of tribe stretched across this continent that make sure I am safe and loved and warm while i migrate

it is a joy and security and heart medicine like nothing else to receive this

and treasure it

and know I am treasured too

Everyone is at work or school or taking care of their local business currently

And I am about to make my pilgrimage to the Moundville Archaelogical Park

to remember

and to pray

what a journey this life is

And what an opportunity to revisit these people and places and experiences of my past and see how much changes

and how much does not

I see it on the faces of my brothers here

in all the faces of all of these tribespeople of my dreams in all the safe resting places along the way

and I know we reflect each other

so I have the chance to experience in my self all that has transformed

What has not

what has been left behind

what has carried forth

and what remains eternal and changeless through it all

as a chance to remember to follow that

And find the middle road through the peaks and valleys

i leave for New Orleans tomorrow

Freezing temperatures, may I say see you next year please?


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