One the road…again again

I crossed the boundary between stationary and in motion on Saturday afternoon
leaving Auburn, MA
where I have been hibernating since the end of November
and taking off towards California
via the long route
and hopefully warmer route
by way of New York
North Carolina
New Mexico
to finally arrive on the West Coast March 1st
that is the guiding intention

My time back home was spent gathering myself once again
after leaving bits and pieces of myself tucked all over the place this past year
pulling myself back to center
coming together again

This trek across the continent is an opportunity to practice
Being still while in motion
Remaining together and well while the winds and waters and sands of Life and Time carry me across the Space of the continent
How to be in a new place each morning
without ever leaving my home
and while remembering Here is where we have everything we need

Plans are fun to weave and envision
but only if we remember they are just plans

it is said
that we make plans
God laughs

the plans are a direction
they are a “setting of the sail”
a charting of the course
towards some vision that calls to us from beyond
and says,
“Come this way journeyer!”

but where we land
is more important
than where we intended to land
or where we hoped to land
for it is the actual earth beneath our feet
in the Now
and somehow it is where we are “supposed” to be
if there was such a thing
because the energies that have brought us to Here and Now
are stronger than the energies bringing us elsewhere
as evidenced by us being right where we are

As I leave the chill of the Northeast
with a warm heart
a rested, more firmly grounded body temple
and a bit more liberated spirit
I say a prayer for the journey ahead
for all of us
and to the new life that awaits on the other side

what a special time to be humans, to be alive on Earth

blessings to the tribe of dreams
blessings to all beings everywhere
peace for the children



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