what are we spraying?

photo (6)

when i first heard about chemtrails
i used to think it was some silly conspiracy
like a good american-educated boy
and then
my time watching the skies above san francisco
and the skies above my parents home here in auburn, ma (see photo above)

seeing grid patterns cover the sky

have made it very clear to me
beyond any doubt
that things are being sprayed into the air
right before our eyes
and we must continue to ask questions
and take back our skies
our sacred air
and while we are at it
take back our sacred waters being poisoned by oil companies
our sacred soils being poisoned by GMO and pesitcide monstrosities
all sanctioned and allowed and facilitated
by the good old government of the USA
which no longer can claim
to be a government for the people
by the people

i am a patriot
to the land
and to humanity
not to a flag

this is a time
of unification
in the name of peace
and compassion


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