Stay the course


stay the course
be alert
be cautious
and brave

do not stop to revel in accomplishments
or to lament what is left behind

keep breathing
through the joys
and the sorrows
as they arise
and as we stay with our breath
we thank them
and allow them to pass
as waves
knowing we are the ocean
not the tugboat floating on top
at the mercy of being thrown up
and pulled down

keep breathing
no pats on the back
no feeling sorry for self
just a quiet knowing within that we are worthy
and loved
and that we are doing the best we can
no matter how terrible
or wonderful
that appears on the outside

find the center line
walk it
one step at a time

tend the path
not the goal

focus on the doing
not the results

we all have a time to die
when we can review it all
through the eye of our heart and soul
with understand and love
instead of the eye of our mind
with all its judgements and perceptions and categories of right and wrong

we are all on the path we need to be on
in order for our bloodlines
and species
to continue to evolve

evolution weeds out the destructive
and cultivates the constructive
the creative
the collaborative

everything is ok
maybe not seemingly in the personal experiences
maybe not seemingly in the horrors and atrocities so many of humanity’s children must endure
but in the zoom out
the zoom out from the world of form
the zoom out from the construct of time
the great ebbs and flows and unfolding patterns
sure must be perfect and beautiful
and grace
is what can liberate us from our suffering
and compassion is what can heal our wounds
as we experience the microcosm of the macrocosm of this horrific and magnificent universe
in each of our personal experiences of Life

keep breathing
stay alert
be cautious
and grateful


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