Cling to proper principles like fire to wood it burns
proper principles being what we know to be good and true and correct
that which is superior in our selves
in humanity
aspects that raise us all up
heal us
awaken us
make us well
make us peaceful
make us loving

“Without a supply of fuel, there can be no fire. Likewise, a person without a source of spiritual sustenance cannot give off light in dark and challenging times.”

The fuel for our fire
the fire of our lives
the fire that is the light inside us
and the heat
and the power
is the food we eat
the medicines we take
the books we read
the media we consume
the art we engage with
the relationships we participate in
the thoughts we think

everything matters
the quality of the fuel
quality here defined as resonance with aforementioned proper principles
is directly connected to the strength, vibrancy, and purity of the fire burning it

our fires can burn strong
and bright

“trying times give us the gift of showing where our devotion to proper principles ends
deepen that devotion
cling to truth
and you will meet with success”

may we look at our fuel
meet ourselves where we are
with mindfulness and compassion and patience
and put another log on the fire
make it a big
hearty one

***wisdom from the Source transmitted through the I Ching***


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