The reason judging each other is poisonous
Is because it creates a perception
And perpetuates it into an experience of reality
That says that some things are unforgivable and some people are irredeemable
Which is poisonous to all of us
Even if we are the ones coming out “on top” in our judgements and perceptions
It is still poisonous to us
Because then deep down
Below these ego-driven thoughts
Is a belief that we, too, are capable of being irredeemable
And unforgivable

The reality here and now for us to engage in is that every one of us is doing the best we can
Every single one
And if that stands as true
And yet some of our actions
‘Our’ speaking of US as a human family
One unified species
If some of our actions are angry or hateful or destructive or greedy or dangerous or disrespectful or unconscious
And that is the best we are capable of
Then we must ask why would any of us behave in this way
And we must ask with an earnest desire to find out
Ask ourselves
And each other
Why? What creates the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that produce such actions?
How does this happen
And how can we heal this?

These are answerable questions
And this requires a deep practice of compassion
For the sheer urge to indulge judgement
Arises in the absence of compassion
NOT sympathy
Sympathy and judgement can work together
But compassion
For other and self
And if we don’t have compassion for others
We do not have it for ourselves
Deep down

True compassion reaches to all of humanity’s wounds that allow us to behave in ways so glaringly ignorant of and out of balance with the simple observable laws of natural harmony

What any human is capable of
Every human being is capable of
Accepting this realization is our greatest fear because of the horrors it means we are capable of
as we learn to cultivate and master ourselves
And step into our sacred trustworthiness
We will find that this realization
Is also our liberation
For we are also all capable of the most beautiful acts and possibilities that exist in human life
Capable of all the feats of all the heroes and saviors and prophets and artists and dreamers and peacemakers of of our shared human history

Compassion is our liberation


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