Happy 2015! Work. Play. Serve. Rest

Happy New Year tribe!

a year of unification

may we unify our own selves
our own energy fields
and energy bodies
unify our heads with our hearts with our genitals
our Self with our planet
our Self with our communities
our communities with our planet

the work of unification within one’s Self
cannot help but be reflected in the external world

as we clear our minds
and return to our hearts
and bring patience
and simplicity
to our relationships
and our communities
and the world
we will know a deepening peace

each breath is an opportunity
an invitation even
to come back
to center
bring our energy fields back from trying to control the future
and bring them back from trying to change or lament the past

return to the Center
the Source

this is where the potency of power lies

this year
we work
we play
we serve
we rest

we have just come out of a cycle of being tested greatly
the tests and trials do not cease here
but we learned something invaluable in this past cycle
that will continue to liberate us in this next
we saw that these trials
no matter how great
are not fatal
at least not to the heart and the spirit
which are much more ‘real’
and much more ‘us’
than our bodies and minds ever have been or could be
we have been shown what we are capable of
and we have been taught how to just keep walking
keep finding the center line
and keep walking it
and keep breathing

this year is about manifesting our dreams
which requires listening to them
which requires creating space to be with stillness and silence

manifesting our dreams also requires work
which requires energy
and efficiency
and diligence
and intention
and clarity

to cultivate these virtues
requires discipline
not the old-school version of harsh, judgmental, rigid discipline
but instead the even older-school version of a discipline that is full of love
and presence
and patience
and practice
and repetitiveness
and willingness to fail
and forgiveness
and gratefulness
and understanding that it is ALL grist for the mill

here we are
at the beginning
in the middle
and at the end
all at once

everything we need is already here
finding it
requires we come back
come back
to here
right here
this now
this center place
the center of creation
found in the heart of all beings

my beautiful friends
my tribe
this tribe of dreams
this tribe of our dreams
this tribe of the dreams of our ancestors
and our mother earth
a deep bow of gratitude
from me
to each of you
for all that has come before
thank you
to all that is
thank you
and to all that is to come
thank you

to each of you
to each of our selves

i love you
i am sorry
please forgive me
thank you

namaste familia
happy 2015


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