Solstice Prayers from the Tribe of Dreams


the past is the past
we are here

to all the blessings
the wounds
the learnings
the failures
the celebrations
the grievings
the joys
the sorrows
the healings
and the illnesses
of this past year
solstice to solstice
we thank you

we thank you for bringing to us exactly what we need for the road ahead
for this coming year
this coming cycle
already somehow complete
beckoning forth
into it
from starkness, darkness and death
into the burgeoning of life and warmth and vibrancy
to fall back again
into disintegration
like all Life
the perfect ebbs and flows

we are grateful for the glimpses through the veils between Life and Death
to see they are not separate
after all

we are grateful to be shown just what we are capable of withstanding
and surviving
as well just how capable we are of creating
and thriving

we are reminded
on this winter solstice
that the work of this past cycle
in some sense
is done
a thread weaves itself through all the moments of this past cycle
and unifies them
and reveals the underlying gift of the cycle
which is the seed
of our dreams
and our visions
and our hearts
that we plant tonight
in a clear field
and cover in rich soil
and water with clean water
and pray over with sacred breath
before the light of the sacred fire
in our fire pits
in our hearths
in our candles
in our bellies
and the heavens above

we plant the seed
and we have all that is needed to go forth
in a new way
walking together
towards self-awareness
and self-sustainability
to be reflected and mirrored and vibrated
into the an outer world
of presence
and harmony

the field is clear
the path is open


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