Approaching the Solstice Threshold


Winter solstice is approaching
this Sunday
December 21st
The shortest amount of daylight
and longest amount of darkness
all year
Aligned with the new moon
The end of this past moon cycle
the end of this past lunar year
and the beginning of a new moon
and a new lunar year
Once the threshold of the solstice has been passed through
the light begins its journey of growing a little bit each day
the darkness falling away more and more

but first
long, cold darkness is upon us
the darkest night
in which we are invited to enter into these shadows
and look at ourselves
and the things we have thought were demons
without running or turning away or disassociating ourselves
and see it all for what it is:
part of us

this is a time to allow what is dying to die
a time to see that the field is clear
and ready for us to plant the seeds of our dreams

it is a time for rest
and gathering of self
for which this prayer is offered

great spirit
nameless source beyond form

as i prepare to walk through the threshold of the coming solstice
i gather all my energies back to my self
all the energies i have stretched and spread thin
scattered and strewn about
either mindlessly or carelessly
i call these energies back to my self

i keep the pathways of connection between my tribe and my self strong and clear and open
and call all energies back to my center

i ground my field down into the earth
our planet
my home
Gaia Mother
i awaken again to my inextricable connectedness to her
and feel her Life force
the essence of Love
strong in my body
and all around me

I open my crown
to the Divine energies of the cosmos
the universe(s)

I clear my mind
to see through an open third eye
to see beyond matter
beyond mind
to see and honor the sacred elements of Life
the fire
the water
the air
and the earth
the building blocks
all the first and original expressions
from the still silent center
the Source

i drink again from this Source energy
from which all form flows
all Life
this Source that is within all things
me too
I drink from this eternal wellspring of Source energies
the stuff all creation is born from

i use this energy
to unify my field
unify my energy bodies
and i unify them with Spirit
my soul as its expression

i offer the unification of my Self
as a service to my brothers and sisters
my ancestors
the 7 generations that will follow us
the planet
the universe
and Source itself

i invoke humility
and compassion
and presence

i nourish the dreams of my heart and soul
and acknowledge them as expressions of God
and offer my life in this physical embodiment
to planting the seeds of these dreams into the soils of this earth
and protecting
and nourishing them
to bring them forth
into physical manifestation
as our ancestors
have done to bring us here

i walk
side by side
with all my brothers and sisters
mothers and fathers
and children
of all species
and forms
into this age of unification
of selves
and with each other
in restoring harmony
and peace
as the reigning energies
of humanity
and of Earth.

as above
so below

and so it is

aho mitakuye oyasin
to all my relations

blessings to this tribe of dreams
that we are all dreaming together
there is a new way forward
thank you for showing me

invitation to join me
as well as countless others across the planet
in any kind of observation of solstice this sunday
alone or together
some silence
some fire
some smoke
some music
some prayer
some offering
some letting go
some listening
some healing
some clearing
some restoring
some medicine

LOVE is the medicine

sit in LOVE
love for our selves
love for each other
love for life
love for the cycles that carry us
that always have a beginning
and always have an end

we are well
and whole
and onward we go

safe and potent threshold crossings everyone



One thought on “Approaching the Solstice Threshold

  1. Friday evening, and Saterday, at The Centre for Transformational Practices, in White River Junction VT, there’s a Winter Solstice meeting/meditation.

    I’ll join you from here in Springfield VT Sunday.

    Thanks all.

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