From Silence into Action


On Wednesday

December 10th

I participated in the Climate Silence Now vow of silence

the vision of a 11-year old boy named Itzcuauhtli

pronounced Eat-Squat-Lee

that I met at the Arise Music Festival in Colorado this past summer

He and his older brother

15 year old Xiuhtezcatl

make up a hip-hop band

Earth Guardians

whose straight-from-spirit, conscious, evolved, powerful music brought me to tears

and to movement

and to inspiration

as I watched an older white woman in her 70s

in cowboy hat and cowgirl boots

dancing and swaying and raising her hands to the sky

along with hundreds of other peoples of all walks of life

while these two young descendants of the Aztec peoples

two young warriors of courage, love, Earth, heart, justice and truth

poured their music medicine into the air and soil and water of the place we all gathered

it is truly a new day

these two are youth leaders in a youth-led organization

united in establishing justice for the planet and humanity

this is their mission statement:

Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth from around the world. We are committed to standing up to protect the Earth, Water, Air and Atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet. We are focusing on weaving together the synergy of individual grassroots youth driven projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement for effective change.

15 and 11 in earth years

and leading us all home

to a sustainable and compassion humanity

On October 27, 2014 Itzcuauhtli stopped talking

and has not spoken since


“My name is Itzcuauhtli (Eat-Squat-Lee) and I am 11 years old. I am on a silent strike until world leaders take action on Climate Change… By world leaders, I mean us. 

We have waited too long for our so-called “leaders” to take action. We now face a crisis that threatens all of our futures. Despite my activism, I felt like I wasn’t being heard. So I stopped talking completely on October 27, 2014. The so-called world “leaders” are failing. Now, it’s up to all of us to lead. Each one of us has to be a world leader.  

If you feel the way I do and are ready to be a leader, join the December 10th Worldwide Silence Strike.  Commit to be silent for a day – or even an hour.  When you break your silence, step into your role as a leader and speak up about climate change. We will continue to organize worldwide actions leading up to the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris in December of 2015. “

This 11 year old boy is brave and strong and true

I joined him, with many others, in sacred silence on Wednesday

and I am profoundly grateful for what came of the experience

and what is continuing to come from it

My time in silence allowed me to listen

to my body

to my heart

to my mind

to the silence

to the earth

to our people

and I was shown

that all this feeling sorry for ourselves

in the micro our own personal lives

and in the macro as a species

is not necessary

or helpful

it displays a lack of trust in Life and Spirit and Source and Creation

and a lack of trust in our own selves

and an ignorance

of the truth

that there is a new way forward

that there are many new ways forward

into the future

that establish harmony

and peace

and wellness

for all people



and our planet

Mothership Earth

Everything we need to walk this path is right here already

Nothing has ever really gone anywhere, ever

just transformed

We can walk in truth and peace and reverence and humility

in all we do

and with all we meet

and we can carry that vibration

and ground that vibration

and be that vibration

and we change the frequency of the whole species

just like that

the work is being done

we are here

saying yes

and it is working

As our young brother Xiuhtezcatl says,

“Change is inevitable.  Our movement in on the rise.”

On Thursday, December 11th, Itzcuauhtli broke his silence

and called the world

each of us

to break our silence

our silence that marks that which we refuse to look at within ourselves

and our silence about what is happening in the outer world

it is all connected


the new way forward is here



it is time to say yes

and reclaim our place within the beauty of harmonic Creation

the earth is calling all children home


please go to the Earth Guardian’s website here:

#climatesilencenow #earthguardians #generationRYSE #silenceintoaction #tribeofdreams


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