Gaia mind


when i get overwhelmed by fear of the consequences of the ignorance of our civilization
it soothes me to be reminded
that Gaia
the planet itself
is a unified collection of consciousnesses of many exquisite expressions of life
and she is far smarter than any one consciousness among her

i am reminded that there is more than what i know or understand at work

this thing of special cognitive communicative function we find in humans
began with something like discovering how to make fire some 50,000 years ago
50,000 years to go from a spark to nuclear energy and space travel
50,000 years is a quick breath of time to this planet that is over 4 billion years old
that is a very quick cognitive leap
and we live on a planet
within a solar system of other planets and moons
that all bear scars
evidence that it is not only possible, it is certain, that we all are struck by space debris from time to time
and that these events often bring forth dynamic transformations to the struck bodies
maybe Gaia mother knows far more than we when and how she is vulnerable
and that she is harboring precious evolutionary masterpiece creation upon her
and she has chosen to bring a species forth capable of either protecting this planet through its technologies
or relocating life to somewhere else
keeping the magic that has been co-creating itself here on Earth for eons
and carrying on

Earth deserves representatives
in this Universe

history must be for something



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