The time is now

We have come upon the time
For us to transfer our waters from the cup of the mundane
to the cup of the sacred
and strengthen our practice
every day

strengthen our no-mind focus
our physical well bodies
our unified energy field
our presence of compassion
and simplicity

this is the time
where our love
is needed most
in our families
in our communities
in our nations
on our planet
and in our hearts

if we are not opening to love
for our own self
our own heart
then all the work we do to cultivate that in the outer world
will be in vain
and end up depleting our own resources
rendering us impotent

now is the time for potency
for distilling everything down
to simple

these physical bodies we live in
are alchemists
with a fire in our belly
and a drum in our heart
made of the elements
and in constant process of taking the elements
the earth
the water
the air
the fire
and combining them
and changing them
and working with them
to transmute all else that comes into our field
and our bodies
that is not resonant with grounded high vibrational wellness

we say thank you
to these bodies
and for these bodies
and all that has occurred in Creation
to allow for their manifestation

it is time
to let the thoughts float by like leaves in a stream
it is time
to allow the emotions to come like waves
but surf them
instead of getting wiped out
and drowning in them
it is time
to nourish and protect our bodies
from the poisonous foods and drugs and media that we bombard ourselves with
and transmute what does make its way into our field
into freed energy
cleared by love
time to cultivate source
which lies externally, sure
but also internally
and the only road to truly allowing
and embodying our liberation state
is to follow the path
follow our breath down
and deep within
through the sacred heart
to GOD



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