gather our selves

i am grateful
that when we pray for it
and align ourselves
and become receptive
we receive clear guidance

the guidance has been very clear as of late
be in stillness
cultivate source from the center

it has been a roller coast of a year for everyone i know
more vibrantly full of life that ever
both richness of life
and depth of death
and the turbulence has seemed to have passed for the most part
and its time to find the cave again
and lay down
and sleep
and dream
and restore
energy field

take off what remains of the armor
in a safe place
assess the wounds
and the healings
and the strong skin of scars
clean our self
our beautiful bodies
and our souls

the tao told me this morning that it only had three things to teach us
simple in actions and in thoughts
we return to the source of being
patient with both friends and enemies
we accord with the way things are
compassionate toward the Self
we reconcile all beings in the world

deep exhale
slow and gentle

i had all these ideas about more adventures between here (Cardiff, CA) and home for the holidays (Auburn, MA)
and there is one about to unfold in the morning
involving a converging of family members in Tucson, AZ
to gather
and honor our dead
and our lives
in the all souls procession on Sunday

but i think that will need to be it for adventures for me for a while
guidance is clear
gather our selves
pull our energies that we have spread so far and wide
back into our centers
and cultivate self
in stillness
and simplicity
with patience
and compassion

time to go home
and come home
to center

blessings on the path brave warriors of the rainbow
take rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeealllllllyyyyyyyyy good care of your selves
we are all needed
now is the time we have been waiting for



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