oh man
wouldn’t it be easier
if we could just look at the people directly involved with the crimes against life and love and freedom
and condemn them
as evil
and responsible?
and uplift ourselves
as better
or free-er?

all those people that are flying the planes that are spraying trails of chemicals in our skies
those people that are making the chemicals
those people that are ordering them sprayed
those people that are trying to cover it up

all of those people that are fracking
and poisoning our water
and deforesting the jungles
and sending drones
and taking lobbyist money
and enslaving people
and raping people
and killing people
and torturing
and stealing
and degrading
and endangering the planet

wouldn’t it be easier if we could just live in the delusion of separateness
and label them “those people”
certainly not us
not even connected to us
“those people”
and then imagine they are responsible and they are evil?
maybe even blame an embodied version of this evil, “satan”?

would that be easier?
for a long while we have thought that it would be easier to do this.
and we’ve done it.
but as a result
these said “evils” have grown and spread and become so commonplace in our reality that we have had to find ways to numb ourselves to it because if we weren’t numb while being so surrounded by “evils” we would seemingly be in unbearable pain

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

I had a teacher my sophomore year of high school
who has since become a life friend
and who
instead of teaching us history as it had always been fed to us in this joke of a federal curriculum
told us that history only repeats itself when it isn’t learned from
and seen for what it really was
in the bigger picture
not just in the prevailing dominate histories selected by those invested in keeping things the way they are
as in
his stories
as in
the stories collectively told by the dominating cultural vision about who we are and what our place is
in life
in the world
in the universe
in order to perpetuate
and justify
the current “system”
or vision

this teacher shattered our illusions of separateness
by refusing to allow us to make ourselves separate from anyone else
by holding a mirror up when we were pointing a finger

she taught us about the holocaust
not as perpetrated by the evil Nazis
but perpetrated by us
human beings
all playing a part

if we point a finger
and make ourselves separate
say “those evil people did that horrible thing i would never do”
we perpetuate history
because the truth is
that what any human being is capable of
the very best
and the very worst
every human being is capable of
even us
under a certain set of circumstances
and influences
and if we just blame others
then we neglect to look at our part of the wound

that realization opens up a lifetime of choosing to be part of the healing
or not choosing to
and therefore continuing to live in and perpetuate the sicknesses of humanity

in liberation
freedom from mental constructs
patterned thoughts
conditioned prejudices and ideas
we recognize that we are connected
quite literally
we are one
not in some airy-fairy way
we are one
as in “physics”
we are part of one field of atoms
seemingly separate only in perception
unique emanations of oneness
which means
there is no more opportunity for the old way
that seemed easier
and involved “us” and “those people”
allowed “I” and “me”
and disallowed “we”

if there are brothers and sisters of humanity that are in extreme poverty at this moment
and brothers and sisters of humanity that are in the equally toxic manifestation of unwellness known as extreme wealth
then we
as humanity
are experiencing a sickness
because whether we admit to our togetherness or not
we are all dealing with the repercussions
and the consequences
and the symptoms

there is a sickness humanity is experiencing right now
all of us hold a piece of it
all of us have a place in it
all of us share a responsibility for it
because regardless of how much or little we think we are responsible for it
we are all somehow affected
by the symptoms
the obvious symptoms
and the symptoms that we also often have mistook for the sickness itself
ecological endangerment

these are all symptoms
manifestations of an illness
within our shared cultural vision
deep within our understanding of who we are
and what our place is
in the world
in life
and in the universe

it is a forgetting
a misperception
a blindness
a delusion
that tells us
“we are separate
from one another
and from all other life
and the planet
we are not held in love
there is not a sacred flow to life that will carry me
and if there is
i will be better off in my own hands
the universe is in chaos and disorder
and is dangerous
and i must make order
and control
and master it
and in doing so
no cost is too much”

only from this unwell place of perception of Self
can the crimes against ourselves, each other, and the community of life that are taking place on our planet right now
take place

so to wake ourselves up
to awaken the world
we can
and must
only go within our own selves
and awaken all the parts of our Self
to become masters of our own Self
not as tyrants
but as surrendered servants to the flow of love
to uproot these deep, ancestral perceptions of separateness
and find all the places in our own field
our own mental, emotional, spiritual, physical bodies
find the places where the roots of this old sick perception system are still living
and bring the light of awareness
and patience
and compassion
and LOVE
because in the face of true, present LOVE
no delusion can survive for long

we have been treating symptoms without healing the root in the deep wound for too long
treating the symptoms is important
it is a natural response for our commpassion
the symptoms are also a good place for us to begin the process of finding the root of the wound inside our own being
the symptoms that arise in us
be they depression
abuse of self or others
are manifestations and responses to the collective illness within our cultural vision
and we of course must engage with them
and not fear our own darkness
see them
be present with them
be patient with them
be grateful for their coming to alert us of what lies deep beneath
messages bubbling up from the collective oneness
about what needs to be healed
and bless them on their way
as we go on our way
deep into the healing

end the war with our symptoms
end the war with our selves
end the war within our own minds
our own hearts
our own bodies
end the war with political parties
and corporations
or “those people”
or evil

give evil nothing to oppose and it will have no power
not that it won’t be there
but you’ll be able to move out of its way
thats what the Tao says

what we resist
every time

so when we see our brothers and sisters that are able to be violent towards others
and wage war
and lie
and destroy the earth
and contaminate drinking water
and air
and soil
and when we see our brothers and sisters that are able to be greedy
and hoard resources
for their own luxury and grandeur and preservation

our old conditions of responding with anger, violence, fear, frustration, opposition
only serve to perpetuate the wounding
which means
we must meet this with fierce compassion
and love
and forgiveness
rising from this love, forgiveness, and compassion
love so fierce and true and strong that these brother and sisters that walk the earth unconsciously
wake up
and come back home to the center
to the truth of interconnectivity
and liberation



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