Newness and potency

I have sent just a handful of “Tribe of Dreams Newsletters” over the past 3 years of traveling
There has been an inner guidance from the very beginning vision of heading out on this adventure telling me to use the tools of technology in doing my part to help build this community
this tribe
this vision
this new path

the guidance said to create a website
to serve as a virtual gathering space
that held a vibration of collective healing, awakening, and returning into presence, love, compassion, creativity, community and simplicity
using the tools of music, video, writing, photos, information, art, etc

well has come into manifestation
and i am beyond grateful
i have encountered a great deal of resistance from within me to this whole process
because i often have found it difficult to navigate the virtual digital world
without getting lost
or distracted
or frustrated

my novice and overwhelm in the virtual world meant i wasn’t able to just make a website that served all the purposes it was envisioned to serve
but instead
a facebook
facebook page
and twitter for social media purposes
a youtube for videos
a soundcloud
and reverbnation page for music
this wordpress for writing
a youcaring account for donations
and a mailchimp for sending newsletters

that is an awful lot in my opinion
and does not resonate
or at least my approach has not resonated
with the guidance of “simple” that speaks to me so much
and as a result
my energies have been too scattered to really make an offering from the Tribe of Dreams in the virtual world that carries the potency I have seen us capable of

i am grateful for the change that comes when clarity arrives
i am grateful for the guidance of simplicity
i am grateful for the opportunities technology is capable of creating
i am grateful for patience
and persistence
i am grateful for help!
i am grateful for action that arises out of nonaction
when the mud settles
and the water clears
and all the web of virtual presence that the Tribe of Dreams is woven into
is going through an evolution
which mirrors the evolution of my own Self
which mirrors the evolution of the whole tribe of dreams, made up of all the beautiful souls i have encountered in this time of transformation, and all those yet to encounter
an evolution of coming into more streamlined, simple, efficient, clear potency
and the virtual presence
is but a mirror
and reflection
and extension
of the work we are all doing here in this physical reality in which we are rooted and grounded
embodied in flesh
breathing the sacred air
drinking the sacred water
being warmed and lit by the sacred fire
here upon the beautiful sacred earth we call momma

i began writing all this here today because i am currently in the process of putting a new newsletter together
an offering to send out to each tribesperson that would like to receive it
that carries the vibration and frequency of presence, love, awareness, compassion, and interconnectivity
and shares new writing
new photos
upcoming events
features on two tribespeople that are currently in need of some help in the form of prayer, energy, love, or money
information on the new chapter opening up for me and the tribe of dreams
a new video blog
and new music from my collaborative project with the amazing artist, as well as my friend and brother, Wilis Earl Beal

if you would like to receive this newsletter
please get me your email address
either here
by going to Tribe of Dreams – CONTACT
or by emailing me at
and due to the aforementioned overwhelm in the virtual realm, you do not need to be concerned with being flooded with emails by being on the tribe of dreams mailing list, just an occasional newsletter (currently very occasionally! ) with the current happenings and unfoldings of the tribe we are co-creating

thank you
beautiful family
for awakening my heart
and soul

peace for the children
we are all the children



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