We are waking…

Our language

our words

are the initial building blocks

for taking what we see in our ethereal dream states

and constructing and manifesting these dreams in our physical reality

writing our dreams down

for example

is the first step in bringing those dreams from a completely airy conceptual state

into some most basic physical form, represented by symbols we call letters

which gets the ball rolling

of that dream taking physical form and shape

Great power

when intention

and presence

and listening

is brought into union

with our words

our language must reflect the transformation we are seeing in the world

and within ourselves

when we say things like

“what they want…”

“what people don’t understand is…”

“if they would just…”

“men need to start…”

“women need to stop…”

we reinforce and perpetuate the current state of cultural illness

that allows for things like racism


environmental toxicity

These symptoms of our cultural illness

can only manifest where the delusion of separateness reigns

When we do not realize that we are connected to everything

we are able to permit ourselves to poison the water/air/soil/minds/hearts/bodies

we are able to permit ourselves to poison ourselves

we are able to permit ourselves to hate

or judge

we are able to exempt ourselves from the sacredness of Life

not because we are inherently evil

but because we are blind to see the very sacredness of it all


when we say things like

“people just don’t seem to care enough”


“most people just don’t get it”


“if people would just start to see…”

or even

“i hope people wake up fast enough…”

we just perpetuate separateness

and reinforce our own ego-mind’s dominance

because we are basically seeing our own waking up process

and using it to place ourselves as better or wiser or “more awake” than anyone else

which in turn

traps us in unconscious slumber

paralyzes the true power of transformation

which is the awakening to our interconnectivity

as unique emanations of oneness

our language

our words

must also be awakened


if one of us is truly waking up

then we all are

because we all make up Consciousness

and we are all really just one big field of atoms

and presence breaks the spell of non presence

we are waking up

not I am waking up

not they need to wake up

we are waking up

and when we see unconsciousness

and the resulting illnesses of greed and violence and scarcity and anguish in the world

we must look inward

and find where we, too, are unconscious

and wake up

bring presence




and great love

and deep humility

our impatience with the changing of the world

the awakening of our people

the healing of our species

and our planet

is a reflection of our impatience with the changing


and healing

of our own minds and bodies

and our own personal return to vibrancy and harmonic wellness

deep breaths

kind friends

gentleness with self

reverence for water

acceptance of death

trust in spirit

gratitude for presence

surrender to love

we are ok

we are surviving

we are evolving

we are healing

we are coming home

in the face of all the dark scary stuff from the shadows

we are here

we have love

we are

in true essence



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