LOVE in the face of FEAR

Be aware when things are out of balance
Stay centered in the Tao

The Tao means “the way”
as in
the way of the universe
the flow of all things

it is overwhelming at times
to be alive at this time on our planet
and be awakening into awareness and interconnectivity

all the beauty and love and peace that brings
also opens our eyes to the deep wounds
and resulting sickness
of our collective consciousness as humanity

when we are fracking and contaminating our drinking water for oil when the sun and water and wind provide free and unlimited and therefore sustainable energy
when the most accessible food available to most of our people is filled with chemicals and hormones and poisons
when we imprison people for plants yet fly remote-control bombs into civilian homes
things are out of balance
and the guidance says to stay centered
and the heart
and all the great teachers
tell us that to awaken the world we must just awaken ourselves
and trust the unfolding of Life
well that is quite an extraordinary amount of trust
and surrender

i pray for it every day
some days the peace is so readily available that it is crystal clear:
we are waking up
and we are healing
and we are ok
even if we are incredibly ill

and some days it seems terrifying
days like when i learn that monsanto (the corporation that brought us agent orange and pesticides that are creating bee genocide, as well as the corporation that bought its way into the FDA to approve its own creations) is involved in the vaccine for ebola
days like when i learn that nestle is still pumping the underground water out of california and into plastic bottles to sell to us as the lakes and rivers and springs go dry before our very eyes
days like when i learn that water scarcity is an old tactic for governmental control as it brings in more police and military presence into our streets

and then i see a flower growing
or i see god in the eyes of a child
and remember that things still grow
and love is still known
and even if our sickest brothers and sisters are destroying the world around us
love is eternal
the one thing that never dies
and as long as we know love
that we are ok

may we join in prayer
that the lens through which we see
is healed
so that instead of seeing and perceiving all the wound and concluding that things are hopeless
may we instead see all the love and courage and healing and interconnectivity and community and know that we are awakening
and there will be
have been
and are
and great sorrows
along the path
but nothing is in vain
and LOVE wins

may we see beyond the limited world of form and physicality
down into the depths of spirit
and truth
so that we
and all beings
may be free



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