The Ending Sound

Literally just walked out of the studio room here at the lake house
Where I have been staying
Deepening connection with tribe
And recording the first volume of my album
The album that has been in creation for years
The Ending Sound

Today is our last day
I leave tonight
And we are recording the song that I have seen as the centerpiece of the Tribe of Dreams music
“Light Show”

It is either about the end of the world
Or a broken heart

I used to call it “When the Lights Go”
But my father always referred to it as “Light Show”
And he is right
Which he always loves to hear šŸ™‚

It has been a dream to record this song in this way
And I feel perfectly full and content at this moment
Sitting in the sun on the deck
Hearing Willis work on the song inside
The vibrations of sound reverberating through the walls
Out here to serenade me
To be serenaded by myself
Pretty beautiful
It is reflective of the creative process as I understand it
These songs come out as vibratory medicine
And we can share them
And are called to
But we must receive them first
We must take their medicine first
For it doesn’t just come through us for others
It comes because we need it first
And it resonates with those others
That need similar medicine

My brother Willis Earl Beal is producing this volume
He is a visionary artist musician poet philosopher

I have never really worked in a studio at this level
And he has produced three albums now and a few EPs
But never recorded or produced for anyone else
We were both outside our comfort zones
And a bit intimidated by the unknown of collaborating together in this way
But we were also just ready enough to take the next step in our respective journeys
And trusted and respected each other enough to be uncomfortable and go forward

We had a vision to record the whole Ending Sound project
A collection of 10-20 songs
That have been being refined and explored and evolved over the past 3 years

Too ambitious
But that as our guiding vision led us down the path we needed to go down
And it became clear very quickly that the magic factor was with us in our work
And the excitement of seeing and hearing and experiencing that
Encouraged us

When all this music first started erupting out of me in early 2011
I had a concept for the album actually being two albums
“The Ending Sound”
The darker
Deeper album
About the descent into the unknown
The journey through the metaphorical underworld of the soul
Counterpart to “Dawn”
The journey of ascending out of the underworld and returning to the world
Going home

As my lack of access to and know-how of recording combined with traveling and playing these songs in countless different arrangements and settings and moods
The concept drifted away
And I took it for just a guiding vision
Not necessarily a premonition

But as Willis and I began our work
The concept naturally and organically resurfaced
Before I even became aware of it
And helped serve as the guiding vision as well

We were humbled in the face of our expectations
And in being humbled
The next unfolding of the visionary concept emerged

The Ending Sound is a multi-volume music vibration project
Volume 1 produced by Willis Earl Beal
4 songs
Volume 2 produced by Ahmond
Another dear tribesman and visionary music-medicine man doing beautiful work based out of LA that I will be working with in October
And Volume 3 produced by…me ?
Planting a seed
Working here with Willis has inspired me
Showed me a way of understanding the recording process
It is like painting
With sound
And I miss painting

I am planting the seed to learn and arrange a recording process that both sounds good and is portable
So that as I travel

I can record sessions with all the tribespeople I play with along the way

After this new multi-volume concept emerged
I received a message from a friend saying
“The first number that guides thinking into balanced patterns is the number three. Divisions into three are called ternaries. Every ternary, according to this teaching, consists of two things opposed to each other, and a third that connects them together. Thinking in ternaries pays attention to differences that divide and equalities that unite. While it’s not foolproof, ternary thinking thus sidesteps some common pitfalls in the way of clear understanding.”

Well alright then

As for now
I am going to eat a meal
Nourish my body
And look out at this sacred water altar you see in the picture
And offer up gratitude




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