To awaken the world, awaken the Self

Energies have been freed up
and are now flowing with more force
and strength
and speed

Dream seeds planted are growing
prayers are being answered
visions are manifesting

The breathing practice is the lifeline

When you lose control of your breath
you lose control of your mind
when you lose control of your mind
you lose control of your body
come back to your breath

My friend Ashley and I communed here in Seattle yesterday
After 11 years of not seeing one another in the flesh

“Dreaming is the most revolutionary act.”

She said that
reminded me


Einstein, the man known as one of the most brilliant humans ever, said that it was imagination, not rational/analytic/intellectual thinking, that led him to his understanding of the universe.
He literally dreamed up the universe
and no test has proved it wrong

Everything is connected
that is what quantum physics breaks down to
and it is the fabric of reality
as we know it
which is of course
not much

Nothing we do is separate
from anything else

My friend Anny back in NYC told me one night when we were setting up the dining room for service at the restaurant we worked at
“How you do anything is how you do everything.”
She said that as I was half-assing the setting up to get it done quicker.

We have our work
Each of us
What we came here to do

Our jobs are not our work
Our jobs are the roles we occupy and can also be opportunities/platforms we have to do our work in the clearest and best possible way
Engaging in the energy exchange of the universe
and therefore engaging in the giving and receiving of abundance in whatever form it is needed

sometimes our jobs do not seem to be great platforms for our work
and we get discouraged
and fantasize about “one day”
when we have better circumstances
and we can use our gifts and do our work

that is BS
letting ourselves off the hook
we can do our work
we must do our work
every day
no matter what
that is what it means to be whole
there is no separation
the work we have
if it is in the line of deepening consciousness
or expanding freedom
or sharing information
or revolutionizing systems
or healing wounds
or awakening slumber
is about doing this work
within our own being
therefore changing our own vibration
to match the vibration of these conceptual ideas we wish to be part of bringing forth and nurturing in the world
not just talking about love or freedom or sustainability or creativity or peace or compassion or wellness
but doing the work of finding all the places within our own selves
our physical bodies
our emotional bodies
our mental bodies
our spiritual bodies
finding all the places that we are not carrying the vibration of love
and bringing awareness
and therefore the waters of healing
to these places
so that we actually become these things
that is what all the teachers have been saying all along
talking is great
is it exchange of ideas
restructuring of thought patterns
transmission of information
but that is all in the mind
and the heart is what truly transmutes and transmits and receives the energies of the world awakened
which means
to awaken the world
and can
and must
only awaken our selves
and end the wars within our selves
and be present and engaged in all the communities in which we are part
and we will see the world awaken
and the wars between nations fall away
and the war with the extension of ourselves we call “Nature” fall away

it is already happening

that is the good news
the pressure
the fear
the hope even
is not necessary
the knowing
and experiencing of it
is necessary

it is essential for us to see this awakening world
and know it
and experience it
because by being blind to this
and thinking “people aren’t waking up fast enough”
we are falling prey to our ego
telling us we are separate from “people”
that we are seeing things and waking up to things
but no one else is
and then we carry this thought/belief
that says “things are bad and I hope they get better but they are so bad and I’m overwhelmed and therefore afraid they won’t”
and this thought
carries the vibration
of “things are bad and won’t get better”
and perpetuates the perception of that as reality

but the good news
is that the world is awakening
and we are part of it

the good news is
that i am doing whatever work i can to end the wars within my self
and to find the places within myself that do not carry the vibrations of love
and freedom
and sustainability
and creativity
and peace
and compassion
and wellness
and bathe them in the healing light of awareness
and sit with the extreme discomfort of all that comes up in shining a light on the parts of ourselves we have tried to keep buried
and everywhere i go
I meet people who are also doing this work
doesn’t matter rural urban red blue north south
every where I have been in the past few years i’ve spent traveling i see people doing this work
you people reading this are probably these people i have seen 😉
and that tells me “people” are waking up



we know
that a new way to be
to be human
to be in community
to be on the earth
to be with our selves
to be in relationships
is not on its way
in some fantasized “one day”
it is now
it is alive
right here
and growing
and we all have a place in it
if we so choose to say yes
and thank you

Dreaming is revolutionary
Dreaming is evolutionary
We have been dreamed into existence
and the stuff of our dreams
is what will be dreamt into existence after us

The Tribe of Dreams
is anyone
and everyone
that is dreaming
of a NOW
that carries the vibrations

Aho tribe
Thank you for your clear shining beautiful reflections and expressions of Creation


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