Horse Medicine and such in Portland

I rode a horse today
For the first time
With two brothers of the soul

Horses are unicorns
We just forgot

Medicine people
Horses are

He was a bit of a grumpy man
But I knew he liked me
At least heard and respected me

The human is told to be the boss on the horse
Jack let me know he was the boss
Not because he was a dick
But because he knew I didn’t know what the hell I was doing
He took good care of me
Refused to go too fast
Knew I wouldn’t kick him to get him too

I love this planet
These fellow earthlings
That remind us we are not alone
We keep looking for conscious intelligent life in the universe
May we deepen our ability to communicate with the conscious intelligent life
Already here

All beings love love
Have a strong back
Be comfortable
In the uncomfortable

Portland is stunning
Rich lush forest

I am taking a breath for a few days
The past two weeks have been a whirlwind
And I am about to head to Washington to be with more family
More new places
New faces
New spaces

Of course I find myself at the reservoir
Mount Tabor Park
Didn’t know there was a reservoir here
Not in my head
My soul knew
Go where the water is
This is the place from which we drink here
Is there a more sacred place?

Clarity comes
When we have the patience
To let our dust settle
And the air clear

All things have a time
May we read the pages as they turn
Instead of miss this page
Worrying about the pages turned
Or about the pages ahead

In the gnostic texts
Christ proclaims
“The kingdom of heaven is laid upon the earth
If man only has the eyes to see it”

We pray for the eyes to see
And the heart to love
All that is here





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