when we make judgments of others

judgments about who “they” are

or who “they” are not

how “they” live

or how we think “they” live

we begin by making ourselves separate

which is an ignorance of the building blocks of the universe

in which nothing is really separate

it is all connected

so when we set ourselves apart

we are only experiencing a tiny fraction of the wholeness of reality

closing ourselves off with our judgments and personal perceptions


when we see someone

and decide that they are lost

whether they agree or not

we have been invited into a deep self-reflection

do we open our ears and hearts and listen?

do we invite those that seem lost into our hearts and homes and remind them how loved and how a part they are

in order to help them find their way?

or do we close our doors in judgments and say

only come back when you aren’t lost (by my standards) anymore?


do our actions

reinforce our beliefs

or call them into question?

when we behave in a way contrary to our beliefs

it is a chance to ask

do i REALLY believe this

or do i just wish i believed this?

and if i am struggling to live up to my beliefs

what is the work I can do

to bring my head

and my heart 

into harmony?


it is a time of turning into our hearts

each and every one of us

and finding everybody else there too

because there is really only one heart cave

with many entrances

a door in

lies in the middle of each of our chests


let’s come home together



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