Auburn, Massachusetts

Something special happened tonight here in Auburn, Massachusetts.

A group of old friends came together around a fire

under a clear sky full of stars

surrounded by the strong presence of big old trees

to remember

to rejoice

to grieve

to welcome new blood

to honor spilled blood

to trade stories

and battle scars

to make music

and laugh

and play

and rest

and reconnect

and renew

This is part of the legacy of our brother Paul

who died of suicide 4 months ago

This gathering

was a result of his reminding us

how important it is

to come together

and feel together

in our best

and our worst

to show up for ourselves

and one another

even when we are tired

or feel uninterested

we are one another’s treasures

and waking up with breath is a blessing

and we are strong enough to face whatever the day has to offer

even if it is horrific

because we do not have to face it alone

in fact we can’t

we can always come back to the fire

and we must

and tonight

we did

in the same spot we laid under the stars with you, Pauly, all those years ago

and we did it for you

and for us

and for our families

and for your family

and all those that couldn’t come

and for Bill and Bash and Andy and JDawg

and for love

and for life

Something special is here in Auburn, Massachusetts

This place from which I come

this place to which i belong

this place to which I always come home to

and this place I never really leave

not in my heart

Thank you home

Each of you

For reminding me who I am

and what home is




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