suicide is not so much a choice…

suicide is possibly the greatest tragedy of our species
the most horrific symptom of our civilization
when one of our own ends their own life
not only are we struck with the lacerations of sudden loss and grief
but our humanity suffers a deep ache
for it goes against our very biology
to end our own lives
all the cells in our bodies
and all the cells in the bodies of all of our ancestors
and the all the organs and bones and tissues that they have made up
have fought to survive
have reached to thrive
and reproduce
in order to keep the precious codes we carry
our DNA
even beyond the times of our own existences
ending our own lives is a result of our mind’s inability to do what those cells are doing
our mind is no longer able to think and perceive life in a way that allows it to continue to fight to survive and thrive
and this is shocking
and jarring
and a horrible realization to us
and our people
that for the first time in evolution on this planet
a species
our species
is being plagued by a sickness like no other
for it is of the mind
and it leads us to end our own lives
without a physical malady to call for such drastic measures
and it is our time to ask ourselves
as a civilization
what is going on here?
what are we as a civilization doing
or rather
what have we been doing as a civilization for generations upon generations upon generations
that is creating a life experience for us as humans that is so painful and frightening
that we are choosing to end our own lives
even when we are surrounded by and held by so much love?

suicide is much less a choice
than it is an inability to survive

in order to survive
we need to be willing
and know how
to ask for help
when we are struggling

and the inability to do so
is part of a sickness
that is plaguing our people

the sickness that makes us doubt our own worth
and value
that makes us unable to feel the love we have for ourselves
unable to feel the love that life has for us
so much that we got blessed with life in the first place

this sickness is the belief that we are separate
from one another
from our environment
from our past
from our bloodline
from our own bodies
from the planet
and the cosmos

interconnectivity is quite simply the reality of this universe
everything is connected
you can’t pull at one piece without tugging at the whole thing
so when we get sick with the mind’s belief in our separateness
we feel separate
and disconnected from everything
and everyone
and we begin to feel like the machines and computers that we have become so dependent upon

but our humanness
our hearts
cry out!
remember we are alive!

when we hold this belief in our mind
that we are separate
that becomes the reality we perceive
even though it is impossible to be separate

it is only through perception that we are divided

it is through perception that we can reunite
with ourselves
one another
the divine

if we are separate
our pain
feels like something that only we can feel
or understand
or know
or carry
and our wounds
feel like our own imperfections
and we cover them in shame
and guilt
and try to hide them or deal with them

when we remember our birthright of divine interconnectedness
we see that our pain
is everyone’s pain
quite literally
and empathy is the glue of interconnectedness
because we can feel together
and know and carry and heal our pain together
and when we remember our inherent unity
we see that our wounds are the wounds of our ancestors
and the wounds of our people
and the wounds of our time
and together
we can release the shame and guilt
and get on with the business of healing ourselves
and each other
for everyone
because we do not heal alone
as we heal
our ancestors heal
our brothers and sisters heal
and our children down the bloodline heal

we are together in this walk of life
and inherently

may we continue to learn how to say yes
and allow our perception
to see this reality
and live in it
and live from it
with love
and courage
and patience
and compassion
and simplicity
and presence



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