fear & anxiety

what is anxiety

but fear?


fear of the unknown

fear of not having what we need

fear of death


so  anxiety is a symptom of fear


when we medicate our anxiety

and alleviate the symptom

but do not dig down to the root

the wound remains

the fear remains

deep down

and continues to control our life

and poison our body

for fear

even if we cannot feel it

releases toxins into our body temples

that keep us sick

and keep us from revealing our true selves


sometimes we become addicted to the toxins of fear and anxiety

and we seek out

in entertainment

in media

in conversation

in our thoughts

stimuli that fans our fears

validates them

breeds our anxiety


but there is no need for this any longer


we can wake up


we can find the light in our hearts

and allow it to light our way into the darkness

and find the root of our fears

the festering wounds

that cease to fester

when we look at it

and bring the healing waters of love



and patience

the healing starts immediately


what are we afraid of?

we are all going to die.

we are all going to feel sorrow.

these are realities

just as the breath we are blessed to breathe

and the joy we experience when we are clear-eyed and held in the arms of our communities

so living in fear of feeling sorrow

and dying

is a rejection of life


the whole reason life is

is because death is


death infuses life with its meaning

death and life are not separate things

two expressions of the same thing



is a wonderful indicator of our relationship with our self








it is an indicator of our trust

and our surrender

to what is


if we are racked with fear

of people

of “the world”

of our past

of our imagined future

of our wounds

of our gifts

of our self

then we are caught in delusion

because everything is interconnected

go ask a physicist

and nothing slips through the cracks

and everything unfolds in perfect patterns

even when we can’t see it

which we usually can’t


we woke up with breath today

which is something many did not

so that is the gift

the “break”

everything else is gravy

on top of the precious gift of existence


what is there to fear?

what is there to hope for?

it is all already here

always has been

always will be





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