harmonic co-creation

we can only teach

what we learn

what else could we possibly know about?

we cannot change others

and when we see things in others we want to change

or we think they need to change

we need to remember we are all mirrors

and it is really just an invitation for us to do more of our own work

and has very little to do with anyone else


when someone pushes our buttons

we must thank them

for the buttons are ours

the control panel is ours

and if it wasn’t this person

or circumstance

that pushes them

it would be the next

so we thank them

or it

for showing us our buttons

directing us to our control panel

so that we may deprogram

or even remove the panel all together


we start each day with a prayer

of gratitude for all that has been bestowed

and to be humbled

and shown the ways we are not bowing our heads to our hearts


for when we bow our heads to our hearts

the rest takes care of itself


to transform the world

we must transform ourselves

we are the microcosm

“the world” as we refer to it

is a macrocosm

a reflection

our our collective internal reality


to awaken the world

we must

and we can only

awaken ourselves


our awakening can be an invitation for others to awaken

and everyone can decide for themselves how to respond to the invitation

and we must trust the ways in which we answer the invitation

as the best we are all capable of at the current time

and allow it to be enough


accept the world as it is

accept ourselves as we are

not as finished works or stories

but as enough and full and worthy

right here

as we are

as it all is

in order to clear the way for water

and the path for evolution


harmonic co-creation


collaborative innovation


full healing is available to all beings

we each decide how able we are to work with it

and we can practice having as much patience


and humility

with ourselves and others

as we do so




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