home in the temple of light

we all are allowed

and encouraged

and urged

to do whatever it takes

in order for us to each feel our divinity

our perfection

our union with God

or Spirit

or the Universe

depending on what we are most comfortable calling

that which cannot be named

but which is the underpinning of all we know to be reality




in the eyes of God

in the presence of the heart realm

(same thing)

we are all already divine


in full union with the Universe


there is nothing to do


we are already here

and all the shifting to change

and posturing

and morphing

and trying on of different forms

and costumes

is simply the turning towards center

the playing around the center

for the center does not move

is perfect and whole

and exists in the eternal presence of Here


lost in the maze of our minds

we mistake it for concrete reality

we forget about the colors here

we forget about the vibrancy


and lost in the haze

and the hive

of artificiality

we lose sight of the sweetness

the perfection of utter clarity


and we can always come home


we were given treasure maps


our breath is a treasure map home to here

as is our intention


what is the intention with which we are living this day?


at the center of it all

in the stillness

and sacred silence

in the temple of light which resides within us all

and in which we can all reside

there is a table

and all are welcome to it

and even when we spend our lives refusing the invitation

and searching for the bounty and abundance of love and presence

in every other corner of the universe

we all come back to the table

in the temple


for it is our home

our rightful place

and it is who we are

we can just follow the singing

and find our ancestors

and our children

leading the way


this is the way of the heart


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