the flow

there is a flow

a way

the “tao” some have called it

doesn’t really need a name

doesn’t really have a name

but it is real

this flow

this unfolding pattern that contains all things

and it is available for all of us to observe

to listen to

to follow

to find our place in

to surrender to

to flow with


when we see someone moving with deep presence

and grace

and awareness

and patience

and vigilance

and alertness

and calmness

and precision

we are seeing someone that is working within the natural flow of things


it is not an exemption from pain or sorrow or unexpected circumstances

the only exemption from those is an exemption from pleasure and joy and synchronicity

which is a fruitless and empty path


no, tapping into the flow is a deeper engagement with life

and it requires getting still

and silent

and listening

and accepting

and trusting that even when we cannot see the larger pattern

and our analytic mind is using logic and judgement to explain why things won’t work out

we still rest easy in knowing that nothing is outside of the tao

the flow

nothing is forgotten

“though it’s meshes are wide, nothing slips through”


and the way of unfolding is a path of peace

there is no path to peace

peace is the path

and peace does not mean the end of destruction

destruction is part of creation

like death is part of life

two sides of the same thing

one impossible without the other


there is destruction that comes in surrendering to the flow

for that which no longer serves will surely be destroyed

swept away

needs to be

and surrender means letting things fall apart

just as much as it mean allowing things to come together


plans are just that


they are useful

they are often the key to get us into the stream in the first place

a comforting map with directions that give us a sense of knowing where we are going

and if it takes that to get our butts into the stream in the first place


let’s take all the maps and plans we need

but once we push off from the shore

the water is in charge

life is in charge

and the vessel must be sturdy

and the plans and maps will be far less useful in navigating the waters than getting still and silent and listening

to the winds

to the waters

to the earth

to the weather

to our bodies

to the stars


we are learning to yield to what is

we are learning to be midwives to the powers emerging from the here and now

we are learning to surrender

and be the flow

and its about time

because the time is now








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