holding a higher vision of possiblity

“fuck all that GMO bullshit. grow a garden”

that is what my friend John exclaimed as he and his partner Charlotte walked Brian and I through their ever-expanding garden that they are growing right here in the middle of the desert in LaVerkin, UT.

Everywhere I go, people ask me where my favorite place has been that I have travelled. But I don’t really have an answer to that, because everywhere I go, I see the same things happening. Deepening of consciousness….of our connection to one another, of our connection to the earth, and of our only viable option for transformation being through community… Everywhere I go, I meet people learning about what we put in our bodies and how it affects us, our communities, and our planet. Everywhere I go I meet people no longer satisfied with a way of life that is about working ourselves to the bone in jobs that do not evoke our spirit in order to feed our families that we have no energy or time or tools to be fully present with. It is just not working anymore. And while there are certainly people whose focus is to break or tear down said way of life, far more often I am surrounded with people who are simply creating and recreating and exploring new ways of living that make the current one obsolete. And that is how real, true, sustainable, undeniable transformation is taking place. For what good is tearing apart an old story if we have no new story to walk into when its done?

This past Wednesday night, Renee, our LA tribe hostess and angel, brought us to the Agape International Spiritual Community. It is my favorite church in the world, actually. Enormous congregation, big, colorful, amazing gospel choir, bright, welcoming faces…all wrapped around one simple teaching: agape. Universal, unconditional LOVE. It is not about religion or creed. It is about love. The music is about love. The ministry is about love. Loving ourselves. Loving one another. Loving life. Loving the planet. That is my kind of church.

The minister began his sermon reminding us that we have a choice. We can choose to indulge our addictions to negativity…continue to consume mass-media that paints a picture of humanity and the current state of affairs as quite dismal and terrifying. Watch all the atrocities occurring and take it all in and wrap our thoughts of “how awful this all is” and “how hopeless it all seems.” Flood our body-temples with the toxic chemicals our brains produce when we think and believe like that, and when we act out of those beliefs.

Or, we can hold a higher vision of possibility.

This does not mean we put our heads in the sand. This does not mean we close our hearts to the empathy and the emotion that are the very ties that bind us to one another. No. In fact, the opposite. We allow ourselves to feel all of that and sit with our suffering and the suffering of our brothers and sisters on this planet, AND, we choose to see whatever circumstances are present in our lives and on the planet as the very circumstances that a new way of being is emerging from. It does not invalidate those suffering at the hands of the greedy and violent and powerful. It infuses their suffering (which is really all of our suffering) with purpose. There will be casualties. There always have been casualties on the road to transformation. And we can grieve and feel and cry, and we can all lift up the lives of those that pay the heaviest price as fuel for the evolution into the peaceful, loving, compassionate, and gentle species we are destined to return to.

Hold the higher vision of possibility. In the face of violence. Greed. Fear. Hatred. And also in the face of those that mock or misunderstand optimism as naiveté . Those that are caught in fear and hopelessness. Hold the higher vision of possiblity. Use whatever is present, here and now, to illuminate that which is emerging. When the girls disappear, grieve. Rise to action. And, thank the girls for being used to illuminate the unstoppable wave of the return of the power of the divine feminine. When the bombs drop, cry out. Demand an end to war. And, thank those dropping bombs for waking us up, a little more each day, to the needlessness of war. When the poor starve, get pissed. Rally together. And, say thank you to those hoarding the resources for they are bringing us to the point of finally standing up and saying, NO MORE. The earth and all its resources are free. For all of us. And we are coming together in this time, here, now, to return freedom to the land, by returning freedom to our hearts, and our families.

There is a very real transformation occurring. And the beauty that is emerging is doing so from the ashes of an old way. And there have been, and will continue to be casualties. And we honor those that serve. And those that die. And we do so by holding a higher vision for what is possible.

And peace and beauty and love is always possible, because it is always here already, waiting for us to see it and step into it.


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