breath and peace and death

with each breath

we return

we return to love

we return to peace

we return to presence

and presence is god


everything is happening here and now

nothing is happening in the past

nothing is happening in the future

everything is happening right here

right now

it is the field of being

upon which all form rises

and all form dances

and all form falls

it is by returning

to the present

that peace is experienced

and gratitude is unleashed

and abundance is received

and love is seen





and infused into all we are


there is no path to peace

peace is the path

it is not something that we must create

it is already present

in the here and now

and we are all invited to step into it

and embody it

and share it with our brothers and sisters

that may still be caught up in the illusion

of separateness


peace is the way the trees grow

and the insects fly

and the birds sing


peace is the way the babies are born

and the elders die

and the rivers run


peace is all around us

love is all within us

it is the very stuff we are made of


and death

death is but a door

that we all walk through 

and when we do

there they all are

sitting around the fire

waiting to welcome us home


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