revelation of interconnectivity

we are not separate
from anything
separation is an illusion
and when it falls away
the great harmonic symphony of creation
is revealed
the over-arching patterns
the interconnectivity
of all beings
and all things

the universe is music

Thomas Berry
one of the great teachers
said it like this:
“The universe is not a collection of things
but a community of life.”

When we are in the illusion of separateness
it allows us to think
and act
in ways that are out of harmony
with the symphony
it allows us to think
and act
in ways that are destructive
to wellbeing

our wellbeing
and the wellbeing of the universe

they are one and the same

if i am in the illusion of separateness
i can throw garbage in the forest
i can dump poison down the drain
i can pump smog into the air
because i do not realize
that i am also throwing garbage into my body
dumping poison into my blood
pumping smog into my breath
regardless of whether we are aware or not
we are not exempt from the consequences
and repercussions
of our delusional thoughts and actions

when we look at the way our civilization operates
and we see the taking of more than we need
and the violence and hostility we have towards one another and the planet
and then we look at the disease
the cancers attacking our bodies
the illnesses attacking our minds
the self-destructions of our addictions
we can only pretend these things are not connected
if we are in the illusion of separateness
and when we are not in the illusion of separateness
but in the revelation of interconnectivity
it is very clear
that these ills
are not separate things
but are actually different expressions of the same thing:
an ignorance to the sacredness of life
and/or an ignorance of our inclusion in the sacredness of life

there is no separation

when we look out at a magnificent sunset
or a sky full of stars
or the beauty of a flower
or a colorful bird
or spotted leopard
the awe that fills our heart
if we allow it
is the same awe that can fill our heart
when we look upon our own selves
through the clear eyes of oneness

the golden rule is often quoted as being
“do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”

this translation seems clearer
more true:
“as you do onto others, it is done onto you. it is done in the doing.”

if i punch a man in the face
or destroy the home of a family of foxes
or steal the food from a hungry child
i injure my self
and destroy my home
and starve myself
it may not be in the same form
my face may not be bruised
my home may not fall down
my stomach may not ache with hunger
but make no mistake
i am hurt
and homeless
and starving
in my being
beyond form

the same is true
of our treatment of our selves

if i poison my body
or trash my home
or starve my soul
i am doing the same to the community of life of which i am part

we are communal beings
this cannot be escaped
we can live in a cave all by our selves and we are still communal beings
because none of us learn to even walk or talk
without the community of at least one other human being
none of us can even be conceived without the community of life
seemingly the community of two people
but those two people are each a community of life within themselves
in the atoms
and molecules
and cells
and organs
and bones
and tissue
and water
that make up those bodies
and beyond humanity
we are communal beings
because we breathe air
that is created by plants
plants that are a community
of sunshine
and water
and earth
and we eat food
which is life in countless forms

we cannot exempt ourselves from the community of life
and when we do
it is only in perception
and yet
the perception of separateness from the community of life
voids life of meaning
and leaves us empty
and feeling alone
which of course
we could never
and have never
and will never be

we have a responsibility for our part
our engagement
our contribution
to the community of life
and this responsibility is neglected
or shunned
when we isolate ourselves
and numb ourselves to the present moment
because then we are not here
to participate in the great dance of the community of life
that is all of creation

our participation is wanted
and needed
and if we deprive the community of it
we deprive ourselves of the essences of life
that are required
to go on living

first our hearts will shrivel
and then our bodies will follow

being present is a service to the world

it is not easy
especially when we are coming out of a story
that says
“life is painful.
it is ok to numb ourselves.
in fact, it is impossible to walk through life without numbing ourselves.”

but this story is born out of the illusion of separateness
life surely does contain far too much sorrow and hardship to endure when we are separate
this is true
as separate beings
when we are responsible to secure all our own needs
and process all of our own thoughts and feelings and fears
all by ourselves
life IS unbearable
and surely we must anesthetize ourselves in order to not drop dead here and now

but that is not the only way
and it is not the true way

when we allow our illusion of separateness to fall
and we accept the interconnectivity of us all
we remember what our ancestors knew
inherently in their hearts
and we remember what our brothers and sisters
of other species
and other cultures
that are still right here
have always known
inherently in their hearts:
we need not numb ourselves
we need not “check out” of the present moment
we need not avoid feeling and participating in the current circumstances
because we do not have to do it alone

we can
and must
do it together
we must feel together
and process together
and learn together
and grow together

we must take care of our needs together
and we must face our fears together

we must fail together
and heal together

we must cry together
and laugh together
grieve together
celebrate together

we must live together

we must die together

we must love

it is the only way
to truly stay here
and now
and feel alive
and be well

may we remember as we go forth
that we are intrinsically a part of the community of life
and it is available to us always
and it is our home
where we can
and must live
and nourish
and be nourished
and love
and be loved

and walk each other home


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