low stone walls

when we do not create boundaries in our communities

people move into all the corners of our being

and then

feeling overwhelmed by this

we push them out of our heart space


our heart space

is the only place

we need no boundaries


we are not talking about castle walls

making us a fortress

but old, low, worn stone walls

that clearly mark perimeters

but are crossable

when invited


so often

we set no boundaries

and then are angered

or frustrated

or hurt

by the violation of the boundaries

we never set

or communicated


and avoiding setting boundaries

we often tell ourselves it is because we are being silly

and “it’s fine”

thinking it is easier

than being firm and direct

and we are contributing more peace

and generosity

in the community


this is a fallacy

because by not communicating our needs and limits

our community members may violate us

and we violate our community

not maliciously

but because we are trading in honesty

for “not ruffling feathers”

which poisons the well

from which we all drink


and then

our giving likely is to become full of resentment

and our generosity is likely to wither into stinginess


set boundaries

make them clear

it is part of loving ourselves

loving others

knowing ourselves

creating respectful community

and it also allows us

to share of ourselves

so much more purely



and powerfully

than if we continue to ignore

and throw away

the ground upon which we stand


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