when we silence our voice in community

and bury the messages that arise from our gut

and our heart

even if we do so

with the intention of “keeping the peace”

we are poisoning the well from which we all drink


it is not a service to anyone

to withhold truths

or feelings

to avoid discomfort


fear of the pride of others

reveals fear of our own strength

to stand in our truth

no matter what


by speaking

and sharing

with those we share community with

we deepen the intimacy

and the trust

and the space held for healing


god speaks through all things

including us


when we feel we need to say something

to another member of our community

that may be sensitive

or may shine light on a long darkened corner

we must first

humble ourselves

remember there is no real separation between us

that is just illusion

so i am speaking to a part of myself

remember that everyone is a mirror for each other

so can i own the reflection

instead of judge it as belonging to another but not to me?

remember that whatever needs to be said

needs to be heard by my own ears

just as much

and then

when it is time to speak

we must speak

as god would speak

for it is god working through us

and we are simply the mouthpiece

so we must get our ego out of the way

and speak with compassion

and patience

and simplicity

and all-redeeming







truth can shine it’s light

and wash the world anew


and over

and over


it is the way

of the circle

Click here to listen to one of my favorite gospel songs, “God is Trying to Tell You Something”


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