Whooooshhhhhhh goes the river….

when we are asleep

we often do not know we are asleep


even the suggestion that we might be

provokes such a resistance

that we bury ourselves further into the cocoon

of illusion



we shield our eyes

to truth

because it seems too terrifying

too destructive

to what we believe is reality

what we believe is our own net of safety and security

but which is only



as well

because if truth can knock it down

if truth can wash it away

it was just illusion to begin with


love is real

truth is real


the world of form

as our past perspectives have told us

is one of duality

dark and light

good and bad

right and wrong


who are we to decide such things?


can it not just be?


this is the world.

right here.

it doesn’t matter how fast we get

or high we climb

or fly

this is still the world.

right here.






Taker civilization

we are drones

to a voice

of Mother Culture

which says


It’s ok

Everything is fine.



Mental illness?


Ecosystem collapse?

Mass starvation?

Control of natural resources?

All just a small price to pay


Or at best

a heavy toll

but still worth it


For living the way humans are meant to live dammit!

It’s ok.

Pay no attention to the hoards of the starving and those without water

as we argue and complain about cell phone companies

and our third cars

and our disposable everything

and piles of plastic crap.

Everything is fine.

Let’s just keep reaching.

We’ll get there.



To this wonderful place

where we have freed ourselves from the pains of being alive on earth

through technology

and economics

and politics.


Keep going Takers!”

This is the voice

on repeat

looping under everything.


Oh yeah,


“Yes! This is evolution!”


There is a growing wave

of humans


and evolving

that are responding to the failures of our past

and the truths that have been kept alive through eons

about oneness

and interconnectivity

and sacredness

and life

and earth

and self

and tribe

and simplicity

and love


Mother Culture says,





How disgusting

to want to live like everything else

when you


are better than everything else

and destined to be eveything’s ruler!”


But that’s ok.

Mother Culture is afraid

because she is sick

and nearing death

at least more now than ever


What we resist


We have been building a civilization

in resistance to

the natural forces of life

and earth

and the cosmos

and yet

the natural forces of life

and earth

and the cosmos

have not abated a bit

have not yielded one bit to our attempted overthrow

and these waters of life

just sweep away

what cannot flow with them


Taker civilization is a vision

a vision that says we


are separate from the rest of creation

and because the rest of creation does not behave in a way that bows to our desires and our ideas of right and wrong and fair and unfair and good and evil

it must mean the rest of creation is in chaos

and we must work


and harder

and harder

to put it in order

to put life

and creation

under own control

where it belongs

because it was all made for us

and we are the pinnacle of evolution

and it all has happened just for us


That is the vision.


A vision is a mighty river.


And that mighty river flows unchanging towards death of life



Like systems

or committees

or political parties

or organizations

are sticks stuck vertically in the mud of the river

At best they can help slightly adjust direction

or maybe for a time constrict or constrain a flow

but sticks in the mud can never change the direction of a river.


In simpler terms

creating programs to combat the side effects of our sickened vision

is compassionate to those suffering in the here and now


it doesn’t change anything

when it is still operating within the sickened vision.

The only options in this approach are to ease the pain of the side effects

which is surely essential

and of the utmost compassion

to the suffering of the here

and now

but the river still flows.


But a new vision

is a new mighty river

And the only vision

that can flow towards the harmonic evolution of life

that can sustain human life long into the future

is one that honors all life

allows all life to flourish

surrenders to the limits of competition

humbles man as a brother among a family of life

and creates harmony in its very essence.


Offering prayers of gratitude

for the vision keepers

those that have kept the fire alive

through all that has transpired

and passed us the flames


Offering of prayers of love

and patience

and compassion

for all beings

especially our brothers and sisters

of the humankind


like jesus said

know not what they do.


Offering of prayers for humility

to remember that there is no they

and no us

but a we

a circle

a hoop

and to remember that to awaken a world

we must

and can only

awaken our selves


Offerings of prayers for acceptance

that this here and now

is exactly as it must be

as evidenced by

it being what it is

and trust

great trust

which is surrender

trust that all is unfolding

just perfectly

and we are all ok


Prayers of gratitude

for the abundance in which we live

the garden of Earth in which we are born

and in which we die

for the kingdom of heaven being laid upon the earth

and prayers for the eyes to see


All through LOVE




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