4.18.14 cardiff-by-the-sea

part of the discomfort of being in a tribe

of living in community

is that there is nowhere to hide

from ourselves

there are mirrors everywhere


in observations of my ingrained patterns

i see the slew of constant invitation

to judge

a situation

a person

a thing

instead of sitting with it in presence



is an act of making myself separate from

the rest of creation


this notion

can only stem from a mind

sick with the Taker perspective

which says

the universe is a collection of things

instead of a community of Life


when i see my own illness

of nonpresence

of rejection of now

being reflected back to me

my ego’s reaction

is to judge the mirror that is reflecting it

oh god

this person

and THEIR shit

bothers me so much

they really ought to address that


heart space humbles ego


look deeper

see deeper

see that you are he

she is you

now see that it is your unwellness being reflected back at you

and your reaction to it

will reveal to you

the way you process your own unwellness


is it with impatience, intolerance, judgement?

or is it with patience, compassion, and simplicity?


we are all simply doing

the best that we can

can it be enough?

if others’ shadows make them irredeemable our eyes

than our shadows surely make us irredeemable in our eyes

which is so silly

because we are all not only redeemable

but redeemed


no one gets here

no one come into the stage of being

and then has to earn their keep

our way has been paid

if we are here

by all those that come before us

we are the manifestation of their dreams

we are worthy of being here

our work here

is to pay the way

for those that will follow us in


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