4/17/14. Cardiff-by-the-sea

When we say yes to a path

even when it scares us

the universe provides divine encouragement

to bolster our courage

and affirm our vision


this eventually wears off

and some of the harsher threshold guardians present themselves

that if we had seen initially

we would surely not have had the courage to proceed

but the further we get down the path

which oh yeah

isn’t even a path afterall

go figure that one

but the further in we go

the more we realize there is no turning back

and if we have not been forsaken so far on the journey

why are we still doubting?

even when it seems like we are completely lost

at some point

we remember to just sit in the center and breathe

until the spinning stops

or until a light appears in the distance

beckoning us forth

“this way”

the light whispers

gentle beacons

left behind by our ancestors

and our children

our very selves

to keep us walking

the right road

of our soul




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