is a collection of moments


all strewn together in a pot

we walk through them

and think it is a straight line


we aren’t even walking

we are just sitting here

and the moments are coming through us

our minds the projectors

the world the screen

life the film



aren’t even we anymore

there just is

and there is not

there is nothing

a void

and in the void

are all things


beyond the comprehension of the mind

the soul knows this as truth


free ourselves

free ourselves

free ourselves

from the prison

of our attachment

to moments


what is a moment

in eternity

all suffering

arising from attachment

to form

ideas are forms

words are forms

bodies are forms

matter is form


we are the formless

so nothing is ever lost

just transformation of form

and nothing at all

at the same time


“Remember that you are dust

and to dust you shall return.”


what a trip

what more are we asking for



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