You are the revelation

Stop waiting for a revelation
Or looking for an awakening

You are the revelation
You are in the midst of awakening
This is what it looks like

Abandon attachment to an idea
That it comes in one moment
And exempts you from having to do the work

Nothing is lacking
Everything you need is here already
Everything you don’t need is not
And it’s not coming

This here and now
Contains all that has come before
And all that is to come

When thoughts fight for your attention
Pushing and shoving their way to the forefront
To the spotlight
Do not push them away
Or chide them

If you are truly sick of your thoughts
Don’t go to their theater
And watch their thought performance

Sit on the lotus cushion
In your heart space
And shift your listening to this space
Which is still
And silent
And full of the music of life
Instead of listening to the noisy chatter in the theater upstairs

Let the world come
Let the world go
Nothing to do
But show up
Be present
Bring love
And compassion
And patience
And simplicity

It is enough


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